Lush Spa - The Spell

Last week I was a very lucky lady and my boyfriend treated me to a Lush Spa treatment! For those who don't know (I certainly wasn't aware!) Lush offer spa treatments at some of their specialised stores, the London one being based on King's Road in Chelsea. We popped in after work for our appointment at 6.30pm (the spa closes) at 8pm and were walked downstairs by the wonderfully friendly staff.

It is set up as a full experience so we went down to the kitchen area where we were offered refreshments and talked through what the treatment would consist of. I think this is a lovely touch because I know a lot of people get anxious about trying new experiences and this is the perfect way to just ease into the whole situation. It's an experience most of us wouldn't be 100% familiar with seeing as spa treatments are usually reserved as treats and not a day to day part of our beauty regime. Conor had booked me in for the treatment called The Spell, which focuses on the feet with some reflexology, temple and scalp massage thrown in with an aim to make all your worries disappear, with a little help from a magic teapot (I won't spoil that for anybody going, but it was very cool and a nice little touch!).

I was then walked into the treatment room filled with the generic therapeutic music, low lighting and warm temperature. The treatment starts with a made-especially-for-this-treatment ballistic called Volcanic followed by a rub down with the lemony scented foot scrub Stepping Stone. Everything smells delicious and is very calming, I think I fell asleep at one point! After the initial foot scrub and massage my feet were covered with a pack and my therapist then came and performed some sort of finger wizardry upon my temple and scalp. I always feel weird in these situations because I'm worried I'll let out some sort of involuntary and inappropriate noise! But it was lovely and very soothing. The only thing that slightly irked me was that this room was underneath the shop floor so occasionally the serenity was interrupted by footsteps or scraping on the wooden floor above.

The whole thing rounds off with a rub down and I was given a little card with an inspirational quote upon it to refer to in times of stress. I loved all these cute little touches, it kept a generic spa treatment to being totally on brand and exactly the kind of quirky shit you expect from a company like Lush! I would definitely go back again, not only is it a great way to experience some benefits of Lush products you wouldn't normally try the whole thing from start to finish made me feel totally at ease and relaxed, which is exactly what you'd hope for in a spa treatment I guess!



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