Month in Review - June

Slightly later (OK, much later) than usual, my what I got up to in June post is finally here! June has been an absolutely incredible month for me, so so much has gone on and I'm still just getting over it all now!

Because I can't help myself, I visited Disneyland. Again. As much as I tell myself I'm over it I always want to go back and considering I can simply drive there there's no excuse really! And it was fab, as always, even if it was literally an afternoon we popped in for!

My dad is officially old as he turned 50 this month! He hates being made a fuss of, so we had a nice little family gathering and this amazing Choccywoccydoodah cake <3 It took a group effort and a whole weekend to get through, but we managed it! Our gift to him was a flight in an old war plane, which unexpectedly took him upside down a few times (which we all found hilarious!). He really enjoyed it and we like giving him things he can tell people about, so mission accomplished.

I landed my dream job! On a whim I applied for a position at THORPE PARK Resort and I got the job! I was so happy and still am, it's amazing and I'm having such a good time doing something I am genuinely passionate about. And I get paid to ride rollercoasters - literally living the dream!

Related to this June also saw me finally hand in my notice at TGI Friday's (even though technically my last shift was in July). After 5 years of service it felt weird to be leaving the building for the final time knowing I'd never have to explain the difference between chicken and chicken and shrimp ever again <3

I've gone all adult and stuff and dyed my hair a 'normal' colour - but I did cut in some Bettie Bangs to keep things a little on the weird side. I have to admit that I was extremely reluctant to do this as I adored my teal hair, but I wanted the job more as obviously I made the right decision!

Probably the best thing about June was the fact that I got to see my two best friends lots this month! It can be hard when your two closest mates live far away and although we make a concerted effort to keep in regular contact, sometimes life just gets in the way! I travelled over to France to see AJ for a few days followed by him coming over for a few days at the end of the month. We had a day at THORPE PARK, it was fab and really really hot <3 I also got to spend lots of time with Ashley, who stayed with me for a week whilst working in Stratford followed by a day trip to Southampton where we ate our weight in Brazilian meat on a stick! Ash - why do we never take any pictures?!

So yes, June was a very happy month for me, and I like to think that considering I have a few amazing holidays planned and a new job to get stuck into things can only go up from here!



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