Trip Report - A Thursday At The Towers

Like I need an excuse to head to the magical Alton Towers, but my bestie was over visiting with his boyfriend from France so we took the opportunity to jump in the car, scootle up the M6 and spend the day playing in the Midland's favourite playground.

Scarefest is my fav time at Alton Towers so I let out a little squee when I saw that the hearse has reappeared on Towers Street to signal that it was just around the corner. Yay!

For a Thursday in September I was expecting the park to be stone dead, but we did find ourselves waiting 10-15 minutes for most things. Despite the lack of crowds and queues, the day went ridiculously quickly and almost instantly we were joining the queue for the last ride of the day: Galactica.

I'll do a mini-review of what I thought of the ride then. So to start out, I'd previously done the VR on Alpenexpress Enzian at Europa Park and wasn't impressed. I just didn't really get anything from it, and was mostly bored and would have much preferred to watch my actual surroundings than the VR world created for me to travel through.

For me Galactica was the exact opposite. My first true 'WOW' moment at a theme park in a while, as we pulled into the brake run my friends and I removed our headsets and just hung in our restraints grinning at each other. The VR content combined with the soundtrack and audio is extremely thrilling and adds some much appreciated pace and peril to the previously borderline tranquil coaster.

Better yet, you can still choose to ride without VR if you wish, so you really do have the best of both worlds. Minor hang-ups include the faff of putting on/removing the goggles and fiddling with the focus (especially whilst strapped down by the bulky B&M flyer restraints) and the device trying to escape my face on the first inversion. Minor issues that I can easily look past for the payoff of the thrill.

So we left the park on a high (albeit rather early, it was a 4.30PM close day as we chose to visit on an off-peak weekday in September). I always love taking newbies to Alton as it's one of my favourite parks in the world. I love sharing the joy and excitement and thrill of entering the park for the first time and seeing that breathtaking view of the towers across the lake, or laughing with shock at the unexpected surprise on Thirteen.

That's my last 'big' park visit until October, when I go into full Halloween mode, and I can't bloody wait to hit up the Towers again when it's decked out in full Scarefest decor. Not long now eek!

Talk later xoxo,