Farewell Dragon Falls

Conor and I joined CoasterForce today to head to Chessington World of Adventures for a final ride on Dragon Falls as we know it. A few weeks ago Chessington announced on their social media channels that both Dragon Falls and the park's ferris wheel Peeking Heights would be closing on September 10th to make way for a 'new adventure' coming to the Mystic East. This pretty much confirmed the rumours of a huge rehaul coming to Dragon Falls, looping around the internet ever since a lot of the theming was removed from the attraction back in 2013.

Dragon Falls originally opened in 1987 and was originally named Dragon River. The log flume ride was designed by John Wardley and the ride was extensively themed - most famously with the large ruined temples and Buddahs surrounding the final drop. Over time the theming has slowly being removed piece by piece due to general maintenance and the wearing of time. A competition was held back in 2014 to propose a redesign of the attraction, however it's all been pretty silent since then. Until now!

The park have posted lots of hints of what is to become of Dragon Falls - including a post on their social media channels today showing a Dragon Falls on ride photo with riders in tiger onesies. This adds more weight to the strong rumour that the ride will become Tiger Falls in 2018, complete with the return of the huge theming surrounding the final drop - only this time it'll be tigers instead of Buddahs.

So yh, it all sounds really cool to me! I'm a huge animal nerd as well as a theme park lover, so any attraction that incorporates the two of these things gets a big tick in my book. The leaked concept art for Tiger Falls shows that the ride and surrounding area will also include a new and improved enclosure for Chessington's tigers!

It's kind of weird to me that not much fuss is being made that this attraction is leaving. When it was announced that everybody's beloved Bubbleworks was soon to depart, the UK enthusiast community collectively lost their damn minds, and for me Dragon Falls (or Dragon River as I still call it) holds just as much nostalgia. It was so sad for me to join the queue of the ride today to see it had just a 5 min queue (not bad for me, but still). I guess it shows just how much this beloved classic is in need of updating for new families to enjoy for years to come.

Suffice to say I'm super excited for this to happen and I can't wait to follow the construction of this new attraction soon.

Talk later xoxo,