Disneyland Paris

So last week was my last theme park trip of the year *cries* so I thought I'd send of 2013 in style by visiting Disneyland Paris for their Christmas event. As it goes I'm a bit critical of this park as it is beautiful upon first glance, but the more you look at it the more cracks appear, which is not something you expect from Disney and it upsets me that they don't look after this park as well as they should/could. Anyway, my boyfriend Conor had never been to a Disney park before so it was all very exciting for us! I've decided to review the trip in photos instead of writing up a report like I usually do because there would be just too much to include! So, starting top left, here is my trip to Disneyland Paris in pictures!

1 - The weather was glorious on the first day and we noticed that out shadows looked quite fab with our Mickey and Minnie ears on so we took a snapshot. I love this so much I've had it printed and framed on my wall.

2 - My friend brought me back some amazing oversized Minnie ears from Tokyo Disneyland so I thought I'd show them off around Disneyland Paris. They really stood out and drew a lot of attention with loads of people asking me where I got them from! I had my normal sized Minnie ears with me too but ended up wearing these the entire trip because I loved them so much.

3 - Most couples get a romantic photo outside the castle, we get ours outside the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Tower of Terror is my all time favourite attraction anywhere, and even though the *good* version lives at Florida I still really love the Paris version. I was upset that they don't sell the bath robe anymore though =[

4 - On our second night at the resort Conor and I elected to dine at The Rainforest Cafe; a restaurant themed to the rainforest complete with tropical rainstorms! We went for a 'VOLCANOOOO!' as a dessert and as you can see here, it's quite a beast.

5 - Standard couple photo outside Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant - the most gorgeous of all the Disney castles in my opinion. And look, it snowed! Not really, but I like the way the faux snow sets off the magic of the photo. We later witnessed some Hare Krishnas posing for a similar shot.

6 - It took three days into our holiday, but Conor finally got to meet his hero Buzz Lightyear. Look at the pure joy in this photo, Buzz went in for a handshake but Conor dived straight in for the hug. He has his eyes shut and everything haha!

7 -  As amazing as the princesses and such were to meet, my favourite character of this trip was Donald. He wouldn't have his photo taken with us and sulked because we had Mickey and Minnie ears on <3

8 - Dead Men Tell No Tales. A shot of my favourite scene from the Disney staple Pirates of the Caribbean. After riding this multiple times this trip I think I have decided that this version is my second favourite after California's - it would probably be first if they fixed all the broken effects, they really do make a difference!

9 - In anticipation of the new Disney movie Frozen, Paris have added Anna and Elsa into Disney Magic on Parade and the Christmas Dreams nighttime projection show on the castle. The float was stunning and the snippets of music heard in Christmas Dreams were very promising, I'm really excited for its release!

And that rounds off my end of the year trip to Paris! I'm really busy at the moment planning my trips for 2014, I've got so much on the cards it's all really exciting. I'll do a round-up of my trips this year at some point in the coming weeks and a break down of my favourite moments of 2013. Once again, thank you for reading!