Top Tips for a fun Halloween

The season of the witch is upon us and I’ve just moved into a new flat with my boyfriend so haven’t had a lot of free time on my hands! However seeing as Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year I’m trying my best to have some seasonal fun so I thought I’d share with you my top tips for a fun Halloween!

I haven’t gotten around to this one yet but I’m having a Halloween/moving in party on Friday so hope to be getting my bake on! I always look to Pinterest for info on exciting new spooky recipes. Here’s a link to a few I’m definitely going to try for Friday’s celebrations

Every year I manage to do the usual Thorpe Park Fright Nights and Alton Towers Scarefest (trip report up soon!) but I also like to mix it up a bit and give independent scare attractions a go too. This year I visited Scare Kingdom in Blackburn (see my review HERE). What I love about independent attractions is that they offer something a little bit different as the Merlin ones can get tiresome when you’ve done them as often as I have!

Even if you’re not actually going out on Halloween, it’s really fun to get in the spirit just by having a mess about with some fake blood and eyeshadows you never use. I have two outfits that I’ve been working on for this year, I much prefer to make my own costumes rather than buy one as I feel you end up looking more unique and it’s so much more rewarding when everyone is complementing you on your outfit to say that you made it all yourself!

When I studied film I specialised in body horror - anything that had bodies being hacked to bits was totally up my street. My boyfriend is a bit rubbish and hasn’t seen any of the classic 80s slasher flicks so I shall be educating him this year. I love those cheesy films with a million sequels but if you want something a bit more modern there have been some excellent horror movies in the cinemas over the past few years including Cabin in the Woods, You’re Next, Paranormal Activity and The Evil Dead (the remake, it’s actually really good!)

This always struck me as more of an American tradition but a bit of research has shown that loads of local farms do this throughout October. It’s a lovely autumnal day out and a lot of them have corn mazes and stuff as well. Perfect for a wholesome family Halloween activity.

Everyone seems to go all out for Christmas but not so much at Halloween. Traditional Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and spooky candles can be picked up so cheaply at your local supermarket that you have no excuse not to really! Poundland also have some amazing tea light holders that if you’re a bit of a goth at heart like me you can use all year round. There are some fab bargains out there and I find that shopping for decorations is half the fun!

So that’s my top tips. I haven’t gotten around to following half of my own advice yet but there’s still a whole five days until it’s too late. Happy Halloween everybody!