Christmas Wishlist 2014

It's December the 1st! (Well, it's not now but I forgot to post this earlier so we'll just pretend). My mum has been bothering me for my Christmas list for the past four months or so and I've finally put one together for her to stress out over, so without further ado, here we go!

1) Lip Voltage. I am a massive fan of plastic surgery and fully intend to get some when everything starts going south/when I have stupid amounts of money to spend on ruining my face. Until such a time this seems like the next best thing. It's a non-injectable lip plumper so uses some sort of crazy make-up voodoo to make your lips fuller. I've been reading loads of blogger reviews of this and the results seem really good so though I'd give it a try. Sorry mum.

2) Dr. Martens Molly Boots. Oh my god. I almost died when I popped in to DMs the other day to traumatise my boyfriend (he spent lotsofmoney on a shirt and was simultaneously upset and thrilled by this) and I first laid eyes upon these. Absolutely beautiful and glamorous whilst maintaining a sense of the edgier style that I like. I wants them.

3) Game of Thrones books. I got up to date with GoT earlier this year and fell in love with all of the characters and their twisted battle for the throne. I adore fantasy fiction and still at odds as to why these haven't crossed my radar before. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon starting December 25th and joining the GoT fandom.

4) Coco Fennell Tiger Tiger Dress. I came across this designer through many clicks on Instagram and fell in love with their range. My favourite is this black collar dress with its statement tiger faces emblazoned on each side. Fabulous.

5) Merlin Annual Pass. A staple of my Christmas haul, parents get them on Tesco Clubcard vouchers so why the hell not. Merlin aren't introducing anything particularly exciting next year but I always like to have my MAP to hand just in case something radical happens or if I just fancy a wander around a theme park one day.

6) Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Mac lipstick. I missed this when it was in stores and have been eyeing it up on eBay ever since, but seeing as I'm a bit of a cheapskate/high street brand girl when it comes to make-up the thought of spending £30+ on something like this doesn't fill me with joy. So someone can make me happy by gifting it to me instead. I've searched everywhere on the high street for a similar colour but to no avail so I'll be happy when this finally gets on my face.

7) Green Glitter Eye Clutch by Lunaonthemoon. I'm a big fan of supporting small businesses and usually take to Etsy when searching for interesting and one of a kind presents to get people. When browsing one day I came across this shop. It's brilliant, totally wacky yet extremely wearable and fabulous. I love an eccentric accessory and I don't think you get much more eccentric than this!

8) The Twilight Zone Boxset. In one of those things on Buzzfeed about 'What to Expect in Your 20s' (you know the ones I mean) there was a bullet point about how TV shows often become the central topic of conversation over anything else. So so true. I literally had to sit myself down and watch a few just to keep up with the conversation (spoiler alert, nothing is as good as everyone says it is. Maybe Game of Thrones. Although not so shocking when everyone has already told you that you HAVE to watch The Red Wedding episode. Shit got so real. Anyway I digress...). So back to the point, I wanted to try something a bit different and have always wanted to watch more of The Twilight Zone besides the infamous episodes. So I'll have me a boxset, thank you very much.

That's everything major that I've asked for this year, I think I've been good enough to deserve a few treats this Christmas, although admittedly I do much prefer the giving of gifts over receiving them!

Let advent commence!