Completing the UK

So a big New Year's goal for me this year is to finally ride every rollercoaster in the UK! 2014 saw me polish off Wales and Northern Ireland (my boyfriend will be upset with me for saying that!) and I had inadvertently gotten all of the Scottish creds on my trip there in 2013 as a dubious seaside coaster has now been confirmed as no longer existent. And so I am down to just six left to get in the UK! Or at least I thought it was 6 but a few new things are popping up here and there and the relevant coaster counting websites have changed their minds over what counts. So I decided to make myself some guidelines to do this by. There aren't many, but they are as follows:
  • I do not count any rollercoaster you would usually have to be accompanied by a child to ride (I don't do begging).
  • I do not count things that aren't always in the same place. For example, the things that live half of their operating life at Southport.
And so bearing that in mind, my remaining list is as follows:

Wild Bill's Runaway Train, Adventure Wonderland, Bournemouth.
unknown, Alton Towers, Staffordshire.
Shark Bay, Crealy Devon's Great Adventure Park, Devon.
Miner Mike, Dunes Leisure, Mablethorpe.
Hornet, Flambards Village Theme Park, Cornwall.
unknown, Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park, Cornwall.
Snails, Weymouth Pier, Weymouth.
Marble Madness, Pleasurewood Hills, Lowestoft.

So there we go. 8 rollercoasters left in the UK out of 171 currently operating and including a whole bunch that are now defunct. I'll be updating here on the blog as I go and counting down until I'm at 100% complete! First stop will be the South West over the May Bank Holiday so expect the first update then unless Alton Towers go mad and have theirs open for opening day (unlikely but hey). 

I appreciate any support I can get so comment away either on here or on Twitter. How many coasters have you guys ridden in the UK? Have you ever completed a country before? Let me know!

PS. I understand my achievement will be nul and void come the 2016 season when more new rides start opening XD