Month in Review - April

It's a bit late this month but I've had lots going on, so better late than never I guess, here's some things I got up to in April!

1.I ticked something off of my bucket list. OK it's nothing major like visiting the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, but I went to go and see the Turtle and Tiger Magic Mountain, otherwise know as the 'walking rollercoaster'. It's very weird in that the shape of it from afar gives the illusion of speed then when you get closer and see steps it really creates this awesome juxtaposition in your head. Shame the views from the top aren't that great, but it's fun to have finally seen it.

2. I revisited my favourite theme park. Now this changes with the wind but my most recent visit to Phantasialand confirmed that it probably is my favourite. And with Kulgheim just around the corner it looks like I'm due a couple of revisits next year too! And speaking of Klugheim...

3. The trailer for something awesome dropped for Phantasialand and I couldn't be more excited! OK, so after the excellence that is Helix part of me is wishing this was Mack and not Intamin, but still mega <3<3 for this. We saw a bit of construction on our most recent visit and it is HUGE. Plus it's going to have a dark ride section and I have every faith in Phantasialand to pull it off!

4. I took the new car abroad for the first time. I know we only went to Plopsaland which isn't like properly abroad as it is only one road from Calais, but it's given me a bit of a confidence boost to do a few more trips just by driving, something I never would have attempted with the Ka. And now we're set up with our EU car kit, did you know you need to have self-breathalyser kits in your car? So weird!

5. I recorded a podcast with Nick's ERT at Season Pass Podcast which can be heard here. Always great to have a geeky chat with somebody who doesn't look at you strangely and make excuses to leave!

6. We got a new bunny. Her name is Princess Fairy Fluffbutt because she's mega cute but also kind of bratty and naughty so thought the name matched her personality. Currently going through the task of bonding her with Priscilla which is a bit of a nightmare but I'm sure eventually they'll be best friends. Look at her cute little squishy face!

Alongside everything else I blogged about, that was my April! As always I'm mega busy in May already with lots of exciting things planned, which is weird because it'll be the first month of 2015 that I haven't hopped on a plane somewhere! Oh well, maybe something will pop up...Thanks for reading!