Making A Gingerbread House!

I think movies have a way of making us feel bad about not being Christmassy enough. I mean, you're sat there with your £5 Primark fairy lights and a festive Yankee Candle and you're feeling pretty good about your Christmas set up. You sit down to watch a yuletide classic and the Christmas they're having, well, you may as well not have tried. Annoying, but I do feel it makes me want to go that extra mile to really bring the Christmas spirit.

So every year Conor and I like to try out traditionally Christmassy activities that for one reason or another never made it onto our yearly December agenda. And this year was the time to embrace the Gingerbread House.

Because I'm lazy and also not that great at baking, we cheated and bought an Ikea style gingerbread flatpack affair from Tiger. £3, boom, bargain. For some reason I figured the pack would contain icing and sweets too, what a naive fool I was. AND two of the pieces were broken, bastards. Nothing a little icing can't fix, I thought. Well it turns out life is not a Saturday morning cartoon and patching gingerbread up with icing stitches is actually just a myth. Crap. We made do with some Cadbury's chocolate finger reinforcements and cracked on.

So, went to Tesco, grabbed a load of colourful sweets and icing (shockingly there wasn't a candy cane in sight, which meant I had to rethink the whole exterior fencing situation) and set about it!

Conor, for some silly reason, thought I would actually relent some creative control to him. I have to admit I was tempted, but once I realised his 'funny joke' about painting an IRA mural on the side of my winter wonderland cottage started becoming too much of a reality I decided to help. And by help I mean I took overdoing all of it and he assisted. It was a good set up.

So yeah, all the ideas came straight out of fairytales with a little help from Pinterest. And it was so much fun! We whacked on the Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack and had a lovely Christmassy evening. The finished product looked not too far off what I had envisioned, however it only lasted one night as the aforementioned cracks in the gingerbread finally gave way and the roof collapsed on itself. And so we were forced to eat it all in one evening. It was fab.

Have you made a gingerbread house before? Did you bake it yourself or buy it pre-made like me? Hope everybody has a good week and is enjoying their Christmas preparations!


  1. I used to make these when I was younger, seeing this makes me want to make one straight away haha! x

    1. I can't believe it's taken me this long to make one myself! It'll definitely be a Christmas traditions from now on ;D Love you blog btw! x