My Christmas Tree

Long time no see! It's been a ridiculously busy few months with moving house, settling in to new jobs and the like, so unfortunately blogging had to take a bit of a backseat until life settled down again. And now, it has, and it's Christmas time! 

Christmas has come at a strange time of year this year hasn't it. Like, I know it always comes on the same date, what I mean is that it's on a Friday, meaning that we could either put our decorations up last weekend (November still - too early) or next weekend (too late). So we had a bit of a mid-week decorating sesh, stuck on some tacky Christmas music and got our new little place looking festive as fuck!

Conor and I have a bit of a tradition where we pick up decorations on our travels, and usually reserve the purchasing of ornaments to these special times. But this year, we went and checked out the Disney Store and pretty much lost our shit. This year's offerings are seriously so, so good, we kind of went a little bit overboard! Oh well, we love them and they look so good on our little tree, so I thought I'd take you through our new ones as well as a few old favourites to start spreading the joy and merriment.

So, we'll start off with our newest additions from the Disney Store. I'm a bit of a Disney nerd, and love when you can get merchandise of niche characters, so you can imagine how I freaked out when I saw this beautiful Devil's Eye ornament featuring Bianca and Bernard from The Rescuers (both criminally underrated films in my opinion). I met the characters during my trip to Tokyo DisneySea this year and now this! Somebody at Disney must have them on the brain, not that I'm complaining! Apparently we managed to grab the last available one in the UK, which is pretty lucky!

This...pretty much speaks for itself. I mean, look at it. It's Beast. In the bath. It's GENIUS. And it looks like Conor. I love it! Funny story, I rang my best friend Alex and was like OMG you'll never guess what we got from the Disney store for Christmas, and when I told him he sent me a picture of him holding the exact ornament. Turns out he'd bought me one on his recent trip to Orlando! I guess that's what happens when you know each other too well? Either way, I LOVE IT, and thanks for being a babe and getting me one first <3

I love this one. It's Maleficent, as a shoe, because why not. Now this one Alex did actually get to give to me before I went and ruined everything by buying it for myself, it's so fab! And what a weird yet amazing idea for decorations? There's a whole series of these for princesses and villains, how cool is that?!

Got this guy last year. I'm not a huge fan of Olaf or even Frozen, but I fell in love with the colours on this (you can't really tell but it's a gorgeous salmon and duck egg blue combo) that I just had to pick it up.

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will be aware of my little rant at Paperchase for having such an irresistible Christmas range at outrageous prices. Turns out I made them laugh, and so they sent me the fabulous Santa-hatted flamingo in question free of charge! It was a good day.

Wall-E is one of my favourite Pixar films, and this scene is one of my all time top scenes in a movie ever, so again it felt like Disney were directing their entire range directly at me, and had to nab it!

I...don't actually remember where this came from, but look how cute! Christmas Hello Kitty! She's so dainty and fits in perfectly with the other decorations. It was a shame that in Japan there was a severe lack of HK Christmas bits, because I definitely would have indulged!

Picked this lady up at an open-all-year Christmas store in Bruges. I had to have it, she's just so weird. Who came up with this design? Who paid for it to be made? 

'So, what've you decided on for this year's Christmas range?'  
'Well, we've based it on Lady Gaga'
'But, she's a fish'
'Well I'm sold, work away!'

No idea, literally none. But awesome and glittery and pretty all the same.

This little guy joined the collection from Belfast. He's made of glass so is extremely delicate, in fact I'm very surprised I haven't smashed him to bits already knowing me!

I am a HUGE Simpsons fan, so it'd be a bit sacrilegious of me to snub them really. And I love Homer, and Santa Homer is just too adorable for life. Annoyingly he's really heavy so quite hard to place properly on the tree, he just kind of sits in the middle. 

Because it's me, I like the have a little bit of Halloween on Christmas, and can't resist throwing a little Nightmare into the mix! I love the beautiful watercolour style design on the bauble and my giant Sandy Claws Jack tops my tree of perfectly!

Priscilla wanted to get in on the festive action too! I say wanted...more like resisted until too lazy to care.

Other than a few gold and black baubles and some twinkly fairy lights, that's our 2015 tree done! Have you got your tree up yet? Have you seen the 2015 Disney ornament range? Which is your favourite?

As always thanks so much for reading, hope everybody is enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit!