Paperchase Christmas Sale Bargains

I fucking LOVE Paperchase! It's one of those stores I can head into and always want to just buy everything - especially at Christmastime. Annoyingly a lot of the time I find they take advantage of how cool they are by hiking the prices of their hilarious kitschy tat up to unreasonable levels, usually resulting in me leaving the shop in a sulk.

But that's where the Christmas sales come in. Seasonal discounts alongside my...unique taste in Christmas decorations means I always benefit from the Paperchase price cuts, and this year was no exception! Here's what I nabbed:

Original price: £10
Sale price: £5

These battery operated LEDs feature Christmassy shapes such as gingerbread men and Christmas trees in a metallic coppery finish. I can't wait to dangle them around my windowsill, I think they'll look really cute!

Original price: £4
Sale price: £2

Conor and I collect Christmas decorations from our travels, and because in 2014 we visited Texas we have a fair few cowboy themed pieces, so thought this was perfect to add to our tree! The animal skull design matches my living room decor perfectly and the glitter on top makes this the perfect quirky addition to our decorations!

Original price: £6.50
Sale price: £3.25

Can't believe I almost walked past this beauty! I adore gaudy religious relics and when this caught my eye as I was about to leave the store I knew I had to have it. Again, this decoration is made from real glass but is decorated with plastic details. It's huge and eye catching and I can't wait to display it proudly on my tree next Christmas!

Original price: £8
Sale price: £4

I had my eye on these pre-sale, but thought they were so cute that there was no way there'd be any left post-Christmas, so I squealed with delight when there were still a few of these left in my local store. Slightly smaller than the other pieces I picked up, these skulls are made of a more light and delicate glass, decorated with glitter and gem detailing in the centre of the eye-sockets. I love them and am a bit upset I didn't grab a few more boxes to go for a full blown goth Christmas 2016!

So there we go, a few little bargains I managed to pick up this year! I don't do queueing at 3am for sales to begin so am always grateful when cool bits and pieces are still left by the time I saunter down to the shops.

What did you think of Paperchase's Christmas 2015 range? Did you get any fab bargains in the sales this year? Let me know, I'd love to have a chat!

Hope everybody is having fun getting ready to see out 2015 in style, until then, bye!


  1. Ohh I love the cookie cutter lights! I hope they are still online! :D
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*

  2. Aren't they just the cutest! There were a few boxes in my local store so fingers crossed! Love your blog btw! =D

  3. I love the cookie cutter lights. Definitely need to Pop in store. I've been loving your blog.
    Great post.

  4. Definitely do, better to get down there now before all the good bits have been snapped up! And thanks so much, glad you enjoyed reading =] xx