I'm Just Looking For Another Good Time - OOTD

One thing I told myself I'd do in 2016 is more outfit posts. I've finally gotten the hang of my camera and love playing dress up so it only makes sense! I'm still a bit awkward in front of it so bear with me if I look a bit uncomfortable haha! In the future I'd like to feature a lot of my OOTD posts inside theme parks, but alas it's still January and that means closed season - the footpath at the back of my flat will have to do!

This is an outfit that is made up of mostly Christmas presents and is slightly out of my comfort zone in that it involves jeans. I think these are the only pair I own and I bought them specifically to complete this look. They're from Denim Co at Primark and were a bargain at £7! They're very similar to the Topshop Joni jeans, although because they were so cheap I'm scared to wash them in case they lose their fit - which is OK right, you're not meant to was denim I'm told? The only thing I wish is that they had belt loops, as I'm a lover of a good chunky belt! Oh well, you can't knock the price and I love the super high waisted skinny fit.

The shirt dress is another piece I've fallen in love with from the hugely popular Lazy Oaf x Casper range from Lazy Oaf. It's so huge and floaty, I wanted an oversized fit so I sized up but kind of feel I would've been fine with a S/M seeing as this basically drowns me. I've tried pairing it with a skirt too but the shirt is so long it ends up looking like I've gone commando! Oh well, can't wait to wear it as a dress when the summer months come, it's fab. I love all the little details from the collar embroidered with the words 'Dead Friendly' and two cute little Casper patches, as well as being finished off with a black ribbon bow tie for a touch of Victorian chic. It does suffer from the Lazy Oaf curse which is being impossible to keep crease free, but I'll forgive it for being so rad!

To pump a bit of life into this simple monochrome get up is one of my favourite things I've ever owned - a leopard print cape/coat from ASOS (sadly now sold out). I'd been searching all winter for the perfect leopard print piece for my winter wardrobe when I came across this beauty! I've never seen anything else like it and whenever I wear it I end up swishing and strutting around like a high class hooker. It's a soft, almost pony-hair style material and has slightly reinforced shoulders that give off boss bitch/Miranda Priestly vibes. It's fabulous - I want to be buried in this coat.

I've paired this look off with some plain gold doorknocker earrings from Claire's Accessories, a black Fedora hat (can't remember where this is from - I've gone through so many) and my Y.R.U. Aura Boots, which have also become a winter staple for me!

So there we have it! This has been my go to look for wintery nights and meals out. It's dressy enough for cocktails in London but not too much to feel out of place in a restaurant either - the perfect balance! I hope you enjoyed reading what will hopefully be the first of many more outfit posts from me this year - I'd love to know what you think so please feel free to drop me a comment.