Bun-treats with www.petshop.co.uk

In the spirit of all things Easter and this most glorious time of year where there are bunnies on every goddam thing, I thought I'd do something a little different featuring my lop-eared lady Priscilla!

A bit about her before we jump in. Priscilla is roughly 3 years old (can't be sure as she was rescued) and she has been in our lives for about 18 months now. She's a stuck up moo who always gets her own way but that's why we love her, such a huge personality! So when petshop.co.uk got in touch offering to provide us with some awesome treats for her I was of course ecstatic to jump at the chance to spoil my already doted upon lady.

Petshop.co.uk is an online stockist of over 10,000 pet products catering from all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to small furries, birds and fish. The award-winning website also over a Bottomless Bowl service where you can create a recurring order meaning you never have to worry about having enough food and bits for your pet ever again, awesome!

My package arrived super quickly, carefully and tightly packaged. I always worry with bulkier items like boxes of rabbit food in the post because they can so easily get damaged so I was very impressed with how spotless my box was upon arrival. We were very kindly provided three products for Priscilla to feast upon: Burgess Excel Rabbit Herbage, Burns Willow Sticks for Rabbits and Supreme Rabbit Food. I set up a bunny smorgasbord to see what she thought!

Burgess Excel Rabbit Herbage
Having been a long time muncher of Burgess brand diet rabbit food (she was very overweight when we first got her) I was eager to try something else from this range. This particular herbage consists of timothy hay and chamomile - packed full of fibre and amazing for keeping teeth at a good length! Many have the misconception that bunnies should eat 'rabbit food' - whatever that is, when in actual fact their diets should mostly consist of hays and grasses as they would in the wild. That said, it is nice to be able to mix it up a bit and Priscilla absolutely loved this flowery infusion - healthy and delicious!

Burns Willow Sticks
Honestly I'd never heard of this brand before but I'm always open for trying new bits, so I opened the packet and let Priscilla investigate. Willow sticks are great boredom busters and also have the added bonus of keeping teeth nice and healthy! I've tried giving Priscilla willow sticks before but honestly she's never been that interested. The Burns willow sticks seem to intrigue her a bit more as they're a lot thicker than the sticks I've seen before. Priscilla is a larger than usual bunny and thus her teeth need a bit more of a challenge, so I'm sure these will keep her occupied for hours!

Fibafirst Supreme Rabbit Food
Another new brand for us to try, Fibafirst Rabbit Food from Supreme packages grasses and hay into neat tubes - perfect for hiding around the hutch or garden to promote boredom busting and help maintain a fibre-rich diet. Priscilla went absolutely mental for these, she actually broke into the box and began chomping away the minute I had my back turned, so safe to say I think we have a winner here!

Thank you so much petshop.co.uk for letting us try out these awesome new products! Bunny-havers will be well aware that compared with the thousands of items available on the market for cats and dogs it can be a bit frustrating when trying to find something a bit different for buns. Petshop.co.uk have an amazing range of products all focused around promoting healthy bunny lifestyles and I would definitely recommend having a look. There were lots of bunny brands I'd never heard of so amazing if you're trying to find something new!

Talk later,


  1. Aww Priscilla is so cute. Loving your alternative Easter post, the products sound like really good choices. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Aww thank you! Don't the cuteness fool you, she's very naughty! =]]