Top 7 Bucket List Parks

I haven't written one of these in a while, I think the last time I sat down and had a look at my theme park bucket list I hadn't been to Japan, so it's definitely in need of an update! There are so many great parks in the world and I like to have a mental list of 'must-visit' parks in my head so I can strategise the best way to visit them all! (And that is the ultimate end goal, crazy as it may be!). So here it is, my theme park bucket list circa May 2016:

1. Cedar Point. Sandusky, Ohio

Yeah as much as I like to think I've ticked off a bunch of American parks I've still not graced America's Roller Coast with my presence. Not for lack of trying, I think every year since probably 2009 I've started the year with every intention of visiting, only for it not to work out. It just looks like a coaster enthusiast's wet dream, coasters as far as the eye can see!

Attraction I most want to ride: Top Thrill Dragster. I love Intamin Accelerators and I've yet to ride one with lapbars. I just need it in my life.

2. King's Island. Mason, Ohio

Another major US park I'm embarrassed to say I haven't visited. I've been to King's Dominion on the East Coast and it's one of the worst parks I've ever been to, but I've only heard legendary things about this place. Home to some major coasters and general Cedar Fair goodness I need to get my arse over to Ohio pronto!

Attraction I most want to ride: The Beast. At night. I'm told it's spectacular, and it's easy to see why. A massive wooden ride in the darkness, sounds like it ticks every box in my book.

3. Shanghai Disneyland. Shanghai, China

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you've heard that the sixth Disneyland Park, Shanghai Disneyland, has recently opened. I've tried really hard not to look at the attractions but I recently caved and my god, everything just looks incredible. The place is gorgeous, and really shakes up the stereotypical Disney Park formula in the best way. And it has a pirate themed area so it ticks all the boxes in my book because I love me a pirate theme, especially when Disney does it!

Attraction I most want to ride: Pirates of the Caribbean. I watched a POV and holy shit this thing looks incredible!

4. Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa

The set up of this place always sounds like a RollerCoaster Tycoon scenario. It's built on an old working gold mine, how fucking cool is that?! The location is absolutely gorgeous too, it almost rivals Busch Gardens parks for how lush and beautiful they are. Add into that a bunch of really unique and weird looking attractions and the fact that it's a fairly unexplored park in the enthusiast world and it's easy to see why I'm so desperate to visit.

Attraction I most want to ride: Tower of Terror - it's a coaster with an elevator lift in a REAL mine shaft. YES!

5. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Guangdong, China

There are a whole bunch of new parks opening in China that are pulling out all the stops theming wise, but Chimelong Ocean Kingdom knocks it out of the park for me. This place just looks colossal, larger than life and everything a theme park should be. Plus it has an aquarium with whale sharks and a whole other bunch of awesome and unusual ocean creatures.

Attraction I most want to ride: I guess Parrot Coaster, a B&M wing coaster, but if I'm honest this place is all about the theming for me.

6. Canada's Wonderland. Toronto, Canada

Another coaster mecca (Cedar Fair seem fond of these don't they?). Home to not one but two B&M hyper/giga coasters alongside a whole bunch of coaster classics. Again, it's not the most idyllic place on the planet but let's face it, I'm after the coaster count boost!

Attraction I most want to ride: Hard to decipher between Leviathan and Behemoth, but I'll go with a bigger is better mantra on this one and say Leviathan. Love me some B&M floaty airtime!

7. Ferrari World. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Not only does the fastest coaster in the world live here but they've recently built a Skyrush spinoff with inversions! Add to that a bunch of high tech simulators and racing around the desert at ridiculous speeds I just had to add this one to my list. Plus it'd be cool to ride a coaster in a different setting, I've never been to a desert before!

Attraction I most want to ride: Until recently it was of course Formula Rossa, but as a massive Skyrush fan it's just got to be Flying Aces, it looks incredible!

So that's it. I feel like my list should keep my going until at least 2020, and by then who know, maybe some more world class theme parks will had sprung up for me to visit!

Talk later xoxo,