Stuff I Love - The Melt Crowd with Flamingo Candles

I've been a big fan of Flamingo Candles for a while now - their scents are all amazing and unique and the candles themselves look ridiculously cute to boot. What's not to love? So when I recently went for a snoop on their site to find they've launched The Melt Crowd - a monthly subscription service where eight delicious hand-poured scent melts are delivered to your door every month. This was a case of need, not want, and I signed up straight away and have had an eagle eye on the post box ever since.

So they finally arrived and oh lord never has a package smelled so good! Each box is a surprise - you never know what you're going to get but hey, it's Flamingo Candles so you know it's going to be amazing whatever they choose. What's really cool is if you sign up not only do you get exclusive scents and new range previews, but you also receive 20% off to use on their website. And, the cherry on the top, they also threw in a free wax burner just to say welcome to the club.

So here's a breakdown of the scents I received this month:

Violet & Lime
Salted Caramel &Pistachio
Orange Pekoe Tea
Lavender & Chamomile
Independence Day
Football Pitch

One thing I will say is that these scents are not for the shy-nostrilled. That is to say, if you prefer a subtle fragrance, steer clear of these bad boys. They are potent in the best possible way. To me, there's nothing worse than a diluted scented candle, I want my house to smell intense and delicious at all times and that is exactly what Flamingo Candles delivers.

The Melt Crowd is also great if you're indecisive or like to switch up a scent to match your mood like I do. It's a great idea also to keep different scents burning so you never become accustomed to a smell, meaning you'll relish every last whiff! The scents last up to 30 hours, so a good 5-7 days usage depending on how long you keep them lit.

I've literally never been so excited to burn something, I can't wait for my living room to become a smorgasbord of delightful smells from here on out!

Talk later xoxo,


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