Attraction Review - Ghosterforce Part 2, Toverland

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Day Two and it was time to retread some more familiar territory. This would be my fourth visit to Toverland, a massive family theme park close to Sevenum in Netherlands. What's great about this park is that it consists of a combo of cutely themed outdoor attractions, two massive themed warehouses packed full of awesomeness and to top it off TONS of play area equipment that it's totally acceptable for adults to use. It'd be absolutely perfect for the UK!

Annoyingly, Toverland's Halloween event Halloween Nights wasn't to kick off until the following week, so there'd be no night-riding for us. Not that it mattered as we were all pooped from early starts/late nights the day before, so an easier going day was welcomed by most!

We arrived at around 11am and immediately let loose in the first warehouse (completely ignoring that golden theme park rule of start at the back and work your way forward then!) You can tell this is the oldest of Toverland's buildings as there's a lot less finesse of theme and a touch more chaos with the placement of the attractions. Every time I've visited though there have been clear attempts to bring this room up to scratch quality-wise with the rest if the park with the addition of a Moroccan style market theme to at least the first corner of the room. It's really pretty (and bloody hard to photograph!) and has lots of fun interactive touches like the magic lamp and bubbling alchemy sets.

Next it was decided that we'd satisfy our appetites for some solid coaster quality and treated ourselves to a few rides on Troy, the park's GCI woodie and solid coaster enthusiast favourite. Looking rather epic in the low autumnal sunlight, Troy does what GCI coasters do best - furious speed, frantic pops of airtime and a ferocious rumbling layout. For me, GCIs always feel like the grittiest of coaster types. They look badass and ride like an absolute beast.

I first rode this back in 2009 as my 200th coaster. I loved it then and I still love it now! OK it's no longer in my top ten but it's still immensely rerideable. Not to mention the landscaping and theme. Surrounded by wooden stakes, a giant Trojan horse and fortress style station building the coaster definitely lives up to its ancient yet epic namesake.

After this we decided something more autumnal and magical was in order, so we wandered through the park's newest land Magic Valley towards Dwervelwind, the park's Mack Spinner complete with on board audio! The whole area is scored by the glorious IMA Score and is perfect for setting the scene for October theme parking. I'm sure that without the soundtrack the ride would be nothing to write home about but with it you really feel like you're heading off on an epic journey!

Another must-do for me on this visit to Toverland was the newly rethemed Maximus Blitz Bahn. See what I mean about Toverland constantly going that extra effort to bring everything in line with their other awesomeness? So when I last visited this electric bobsled was fun and all, but now it's next level European weirdness.

Themed to an inventor of travel (or as far as I can gather), you queue through his house/workshop and finally board Maximus' latest invention - the fastest bobsleigh ever. Complete with yodelling and perturbed chickens, you power yourself around the trough controlling the speed yourself. I know it's only a few news roofs and bits and bobs but it really does turn the ride from 'meh' to 'must ride'. Also, little did I know we were being timed on our run around the track and mine was the second fastest speed of the day out of the whole park, woohoo!

We spent the rest of the day doing what CoasterForce do best and dicking around in the various play areas, reriding the coasters and other rides some more before getting on the road and heading towards our lodgings for the night - the Hotel Matamba at Phantasialand!

Check out Part 1 of this trip report here or skip ahead to Part 3 and Part 4 if you're eager for more!

Talk later xoxo