5 Awesome Things About European Theme Parks

Those who are familiar faces around here know how much I gush about European theme parks and all the gloriousness they behold. So, I thought I'd take a closer look at why exactly European parks have that certain flare that UK parks just don't seem to have...

Motherfucking dogs. In theme parks. Yep, it's a thing. Whereas UK parks will usually have a no-doggy policy (bar guide dogs of course!), many European parks understand that our four legged friends are as much a part of a family day out as anybody else. Dogs are not only allowed onto parks but actually welcomed, with many providing water and other doggy based activities to make their day out as fun as everybody else's!

Yes, I know that a lot of UK parks do sell beer, but in most European parks not only do the bottles flow freely at most food outlets but actually more often than not it's cheaper than a Coke or similar. It's just more ingrained into the European way of life to have a few pints on your day out without actually having to 'get on it' and do you know what? I don't think I've ever seen anybody drunk and disorderly in a European park!

Play Areas for Adults
Most major European theme parks still have a classic fun house as a staple, and it's clear that this style of play is more engrained into the European state of mind when it comes to theme parks. Whereas in the UK you will often find children's play equipment, our European cousins take it to the next level with fully fledged outdoor play equipment specifically built so that people of all ages, shapes and size can join in the fun. There's no shame in kicking off your shoes and running onto the giant inflatable cushion and having a good old bounce.

Free Reign
It can be a little weird if you're accustomed to the UK way of doing things health and safety-wise in a theme park when all of a sudden you're wandering around a European park literally alongside a water's edge or fire pit with not as much as a chicken wire fence in site. I guess these parks just trust us a little more to use our best judgement and to not prat around and get ourselves into trouble. What this does mean is that a lot of man-made areas in parks look a lot more beautiful as the views aren't uglified by hundreds of fences everywhere! I've even been to one park with open fire pits where it was encouraged for you to sit around and cook dough over the fire and then eat it. Never in the UK.

Pure WTF Moments
I know that's a bit vague, but anybody who's been to a European park (especially a non-chain park) knows what I'm getting it. I'm talking random nudity on children's rides, I'm talking casual racism that the mainlanders pass by without even as much as a flinch. I'm talking the first time you try out one of those mental self-operated rides where you can't decide if you're having fun or scared for your life. I'd love to know if there's anything about UK parks that give Europeans those feelings, because I know I definitely do not get that when I visit our own parks! Maybe it's to do with being used to the culture over here so nothing is too shocking anymore, but it's definitely something I LOVE when I visit parks in Europe!

If that doesn't make you eager to hop on a plane and explore some more European parks, I don't know what will!

Talk later xoxo,