Attraction Review - Ghosterforce Part 4, Efteling

The last day of our trip (well, second to last day for us but officially it was the last) brought us back to Efteling for the second time this year. As it would be my mate Ben's 1000th unique coaster credit, the park opened early for us and walked us over to their newest coaster Baron 1898 for a little bit of Exclusive Ride Time before the park opened to the public.

Walking over to the coaster with the sun breaking through the mist on this crisp autumn morning will go down as one of my all time favourite theme park memories. It was absolutely stunning and further solidifies why this time of the year is my absolutely favourite. There really is an extra touch of magic in the air and its moment like this that just go to prove that!

I still stand by the fact that Baron 1898, whilst it's not a great stand alone coaster, as a whole ride experience is so much fun. Everything from the projection mapping to the music to the ride itself, it's Efteling through and through and is a perfect example of how the park can take a seemingly 'cold' ride type and turn it into something whimsical and fitting to their brand.

As we were already on park way ahead of the public joining us we made the most of it and got in a few rides on the fun racing wooden coaster Joris en de Draak as well as being some of the first of the day on the awesomely themed Vliegende Hollander water coaster. One of my favourite things about visiting Efteling with people who haven't been before is watching their reactions to all the epic theming and storytelling!

We spent the rest of the day making our way around the park and ticking off all of the Efteling must-dos, ending in the Fairytale Forest for a few hours of exploring before grabbing some warm snacks and taking up our post to watching the evening water show Aquanura (unsurprisingly not as good when it's not dark yet, but hey ho!).

Efteling was the perfect park to end an epic four days with CoasterForce. The parks we visited are some of the best Europe has to offer so to be able to do them all back to back makes one hell of a theme park trip!

Talk later xoxo,