How To Book A Cheap Disneyland Paris Getaway

Alright, I'll admit it, the thought of waiting until March to get back to a theme park didn't have me feeling best pleased so I cracked and booked a quick getaway to Disneyland Paris for some Christmassy goodness in my face! Can't wait to be stood in front of the castle again with a hot cup of tea in my hands waiting for Dreams to begin!

This booking was probably the cheapest I've ever managed to nab it for, which surprised me considering Christmas is peak time for Disneyland Paris. So because I'm nice, I thought I'd share with you all my top tips of how to book a super cheap Disneyland Paris getaway so you'll never have to use the 'too expensive' excuse again when you're thinking about going.

There are SO many ways to get to Disneyland Paris, and each have their benefits depending on if you choose train, car or plane. For the sake of this how-to though we'll go with the cheapest and easiest option for this time of year which is the amazing Eurostar Snaps system.

So, what is it? Essentially it's a bit of a lucky dip in order to get cheap and cheerful Eurostar travel. All you do is select the date you'd like to travel and whether you'd prefer a morning or afternoon departure time. The website then gives you the option of £25, £35 or £45 tickets each way and then they contact you two days before with the times of your train.

We managed to nab £60 return train fare this way which is an absolute steal considering it can cost more than that one way. The only downside really is that you might get stuck with a 5AM train, but when it's that cheap it's hard to really care!

If you want my honest advice, don't stay at a resort hotel. In my experience they're not half as good as other resort hotels I've stayed in and often cost twice as much. Your best option is to jump on trusty old and select a hotel nearby. Many off-site hotels offer a shuttle service to and from the park as well, so if you're visiting without a car be sure to double check that this is something your hotel offers.

If you do insist on staying at a resort hotel, the cheapest options are the New Mexico themed Hotel Santa Fe and the frontier themed Hotel Cheyenne. Both offer budget chain-hotel quality amenities with a Disney twist - think Travelodge but with costume characters in the lobby. On the plus side, they're an easy twenty minute walk from the parks so that's one less thing to worry about!

Depending on how long you're planning on visiting for, or if you're planning on a return visit within the year, it's definitely worth investing in an Annual Pass. For just a few quid more than a 4-for-the-price-of-3 day ticket you can nab yourself year round entry and discount in shops, restaurants and hotels. Combined with the Eurostar Snaps you'll find yourself considering weekend visits for the rest of the year!

Alternatively you can purchase tickets straight up for the parks themselves for shorter periods. They always have a TON of offers on, so make sure you do your research for the best deals around before you settle on what's best for you. For instance, at the time of writing this the park are offering an incredible 2 Parks-1 Day ticket for £37 that includes €15 worth of meal vouchers if you visit from now until Christmas. Insane!

So let's break that down. Return train tickets for £50, hotel on starting from £14pp and tickets to both parks for £37. That's £101 for a Christmas mini-break at Disneyland Paris. How insane is that?! You're welcome.

Talk later xoxo


  1. Jordan this is amazingly useful, thanks very much x

    1. No worries Jo, hope you have an amazing time whenever you're thinking of going! x

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