Kingston Odeon Screen 15

Today I thought I'd share with you a little sneaky peek inside what is apparently 'Kingston's Best kept Secret'. Basically my local Odeon has had a little facelift recently and is rocking a swanky modern new look, a kind of 'premium' Odeon if you will. No more sticky floors and loud tacky colours, the overhaul is incredibly slick with the main kiosks now resembling a high end bar rather than a cinema!

But the best part of the update is the addition of the fabulous Screen 15! Anybody who has been to the Electric Cinema will be familiar with this set up: a bar serving a premium drinks offering or premium beer, wines and cocktails, table service including 'CROMA pizzas and garlic bread and brought to you as you slide back into one of 50 luxury recliners.

Honestly the idea of table service in the cinema confused me a little: wouldn't this totally interrupt the other people around me with the noise and the smells? Totally not the case: because the seats are so well spaced the servers can easily slip in and deliver your treats straight to your seat without it being at the expense of other's cinema experience.

And because Conor and I are Limitless card holders it was only an extra £2.50 for us to upgrade: absolute bargain! Obviously it's not something we'd do every time but if there's a film we're really looking forward to seeing it's definitely something I can see us treating ourselves to. On this visit we snuggled down to watch La La Land (excellent, by the way!) and with it being such an 'event' of a movie it felt right to watch it in luxury. It's honestly such a fantastic way to experience a movie: all the creature comforts of curling up and watching a movie and stuffing your face with pizza with the sound and picture quality of the cinema screen. the perfect combo!

Like I said, it's not something I'd do all the time but as a little treat every now and then it's the perfect 'posh night out' without having to trek all the way into London. It all feels very classy and adds an extra special touch to the cinema, especially when you go as often as we do! Honestly, I'd actually go as far as to say it was better than the Electric Cinema for me.

I'm definitely going to watch something else in Screen 15 before Awards Season is over. It'd be rude not to!

Talk later xoxo,


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