9 Signs You're A Coaster Enthusiast

We've all been there, those moments in life that make you stop and think oh god, I'm SUCH an enthusiast. Often they happen when you least expect it, you might start off just thinking you enjoy a good day out at a theme park and before you know it you're drowning in the park maps you've collected and your brain can't rest until you've got another theme park trip in the pipelines. Here’s nine sure fire signs that you’re a fully-fledged coaster enthusiast:

1. You find yourself wide-awake at midnight with a million tabs open planning coaster trips that will probably never see the light of day. Like, it’s totally feasible to pick up a car in Finland and hit up every park on the way to Shanghai, right?

2. Non-theme park friends ask you for advice. Like hey, you’ve been the Legoland, should I take my three year old there? Will it be busy? I don’t know Jill, I usually just run in, ride the creds and leave!

3. In a similar vein, your Facebook friends are CONSTANTLY tagging you in those OMG WOULD YOU RIDE THIS TERRIFYING ROLLERCOASTER?! videos asking if you’ve seen/been on it (and half the time they’re either that weird physics machine video or the non-existent Orlando Polarcoaster). Of course I’ve seen it before Dave, it’s literally been floating around the Internet since the dawn of time

4. When you’re driving down the motorway, anything remotely resembling a coaster catches your eye. And it usually turns out to be one of those weird mine things. Or a bridge. And you’re always a tiny bit disappointed that you haven’t just discovered a secret B&M at the side of the M1

5. You find yourself twiddling your thumbs slightly November-March. This is most likely the time of year when you find yourself in a Point One type scenario

6. You’re constantly trying to manipulate your non-coaster pals into visiting theme parks with you. OMG, we should definitely do something fun for Stacey’s birthday, like Thorpe Park! *shifty eyes*

7. When you’re invited on a holiday your first thought is to figure out where the closest theme park is. Your second thought is Point Six

8. You have to try really hard to hide how upset you get when your non-coaster friends mispronounce a coaster name or allude to a ride in the completely wrong park. Yes Steve, I LOVE Stealth at Chessington, it’s my favourite! *desperately tries to suppress rage*

9. You basically die of joy when a theme park features prevalently in pop culture. OMG, there are RMCs in Katy Perry’s new video! Then you realise that nobody else around you cares and you have to have a mini moment of private joy instead

I know I'm guilty of all of these! There's definitely more though. When did you realise you'd gone full-enthusiast? 

Talk later xoxo,


  1. Oh my God Point 4 happened to me a few months back, I was stuck in traffic and noticed what definitely in my head was a brand new gerstlauer being erected on a tiny road in Norwich....It turned out we were having a new Wickes!

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  3. idk but I found a massive irl Wickerman on the side of the motorway going from south wales to the south coast. So you're welcome.

    1. Sounds like that might have been Megaphobia at Oakwood!

  4. OMG, I have experienced every single point of this list - it's just ridiculous how similar we coaster enthusiasts are to each other!

    Greetings from Germany