6 Symptoms of Cred Anxiety

Have you ever found yourself on a day out at a new theme park with non-enthusiast friends, palms sweating and eye slightly twitching because it's been two hours and you haven't ridden a single coaster yet? Well my friend, I'm here to tell you that you may be a sufferer of the dreaded Cred Anxiety!

Cred Anxiety is a term coined by CoasterForce members around 2013. it describes that anxious feeling you get when there are loads of creds to get and not a lot of time to do it in. It's that moment when you enter a park and a dark rain cloud looms overhead, threatening to burst open at any moment and cause all of the coasters to close. It's that feeling when it's getting to closing time and you're yet to ride the coaster you were most looking forward to. It's vile, and most commonly suffered by cred whores who are desperate to increase their count at any cost. Think you may be a sufferer? Read through the symptoms and check your diagnosis!

Your main priority when visiting a theme park is to tick off all of the coasters
You have a game plan in your head for how you're going to tackle the park and you'll be damned if anybody is going to get in your way with their stupid faffing like going to the toilet or stopping for a snack.

Your heart skips a beat at the slightest sign of rain
Was that a raindrop? Or just a splash from a nearby water ride? I NEED TO KNOW SO I CAN MAKE ALTERNATIVE PLANS STAT!

The thought of stopping for a sit down meal fills you with dread
Spending time in a theme park other than riding things. Are you crazy? Grab a hot dog and eat it whilst we're queuing for the next coaster, no time to waste!

You have a reputation as a bit of a planning Nazi
Everyone has assigned toilet breaks and snacking periods. These must be kept to to ensure all of the creds are attained. No exceptions.

You basically die of anxiety overload if you visit a park with non-enthusiasts
OMG they're stopping for pictures with characters AGAIN?! DON'T THEY REALISE THERE ARE COASTERS TO RIDE?! Can't. Deal.

You look forward to visiting the park for a second time
When you have all of the creds and can actually enjoy the park, anxiety free!

Ever experience any of these? If so then I'm sorry to welcome you to the club of Cred Anxiety sufferers. But don't worry, we can work together for a future free from Cred Anxiety for all!

Talk later xoxo,