You Know You're Theme Parking It Too Much When..

If you're reading this, likelihood is you''re partial to a theme park or two! But do you ever sit and think, damn, I need to cut back on this hobby! There are certain symptoms that happen that can make you question if you've taken the whole coaster enthusiast thing too far and make you re-evaluate your life choices. But it's fine, we've all been there, and I'm here to tell you that it's OK, we love you and there is help for you! Here's how you know when you've been theme parking too much.

You're on first name basis with the park staff
When you get greeted at the gates by your first name and you know which staff to expect because you've visited so often you basically know their timetables, it's time to take a step back. Admissions staff is slightly more forgivable, but when the guy who empties the bins gives you a friendly wave of acknowledgement you're seriously in trouble.

Your bank balance is crying
Sure, you're an Annual Passholder, but all that petrol/public transport there and back soon stacks up and all of those meals on park sure can get expensive! That coupled with the fact that you can't stop yourself from purchasing at least one piece of merch every time you visit soon adds up.

Your pockets are full of theme park bits
Stick your hand in your coat pocket right now. If you pull out a park receipt, park map, leaflet or admissions ticket, chances are you're theme parking it too much. Extra points if there are multiple pieces from multiple parks. Extra extra points if there are pieces from more than one country.

You have a routine
You head into the park and your body immediately navigates you straight to the same ride you ride first every time you visit. It's like you've done this so many times your body has a built in navigation system for the park and automatically knows where to go next. It is not a good sign.

Your non-enthusiast friends and colleagues ask you where you're going next
It's no longer a one off park visit every now and then - you visit theme parks so often that they just assume there's another one in the pipeline. And the shameful thing is, they're probably right!

Your calendar is stacked until the end of the season
Your non-enthusiast friends and family find it pretty much impossible to make plans with you because you've got a park visit pencilled in every weekend from now until the end of the season. And you are not ashamed by this, you just wish there were more weekends in the season to fill!

You're constantly served theme park related ads online
Even if you're just on Facebook or browsing eBay, anywhere you go on the Internet you're followed by pop up ads for new attractions at your favourite park. It's almost like it's their fault you're so addicted!

Face it, if any of these apply to you, you just bloody LOVE theme parks! And there's nothing at all wrong with that, weekends are meant to be enjoyed, money is meant to be spent and rollercoasters are meant to be ridden! Bring on the next park visit!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. I honestly love the idea of theme parks, I've actually never been on a proper rollercoaster though... I need to face my fears already!! :(
    Love Vicki |

    1. Omg you dooo! Visit one this summer and get it out of your system :)