How To Book A Cheap Theme Park Getaway - Port Aventura

Port Aventura, or Port Aventura World as their marketing team are insisting we call it now, is one of the most sought after European theme parks to visit this season. Port Aventura recently opened Ferrari Land and with it Red Force - the tallest and fastest coaster in Europe! With that in mind, let's take a look at how to get to that bad boy on a budget!

As always, this plan will be based off of the following:

- Include an overnight stay at a decent hotel
- Cover at least one day park entry
- Be as close to £100 as possible
- Be based on two sharing

As Port Aventura World is located in Salou, a popular tourist destination for the package holiday lovers among us, it's actually really convenient to travel to. Being in Spain, we have to rule out driving and trains unless you're happy to spend a whole day travelling, so let's cut to the chase and check out some flights.

Option one, and the closest airport, is to fly into Reus which is just a 15 minute drive from the park (so close you can actually see the coasters as you fly over!). That's the end of the positives. Annoyingly the flight times are a bit of a pain in the arse - at the time of writing this the flight leaves Stansted at 11.45AM, landing in Reus at 3:00PM and leaving Reus at 3.25PM landing in Stansted at 4.40PM. That's coming in at £46.

Your other option is to fly into fabulous Barcelona. Yes, it's an hour's drive away from the Resort but the flight times are a lot more convenient and regular. Your flight leaves Stansted at 8.15AM arriving in Barcelona at 11.30AM and leaves Barcelona at 6.40PM landing in Stansted at 8.10PM. AND it's cheaper by £2 than the Reus flight at £44.

As always, driving is just the easier option in my opinion. A quick search right now puts a two day car hire in at around £36, just £18 each based on two sharing!

Alternatively you can jump on the Bus Plana shuttle coach from the airport. It takes longer than driving directly - 1.40/2 hours to be precise. It's a bit of faff, but it's only €30 return which is really good value!

So yh, there's your options. As always, we'll take the cheapest:

Travel: £62

Because Salou is a package holiday resort, there are literally LOADS of hotels to choose from. Tons. Basically it depends what you're looking for. I usually visit during the off season in November/December so staying in down town Salou is kind of pointless considering the resort is absolutely dead. Have a dig through and see what suits your needs!

Having a quick look I've found the Mercure Acenea Aventura for the bargain price of £36 per night. Because there's so many hotels you'll often find that the prices are really competitive which is awesome for the likes of us!

Hotel: £18

Port Aventura World have been a bit strange on the ol' ticket front recently - constantly chopping and changing their minds on prices. Probably due to the fact that they were way too highly priced to begin with! Anyway, I'd recommend keeping an eye on their website for deals as they seem to be slashing prices daily at the moment.

I'm assuming you'll want access to both parks. At the time of writing this will set you back €65 for a two-park-two-day ticket (let's agree it's pointless to get the one day). A little gross in my opinion but when you break it down to €32.50 per park per day it's not too bad!

Tickets: £62

Final tally:

Travel: £62
Hotel: £18
Tickets: £62
Total: £142

As always if you have any questions or would like any help or advice with booking or planning a trip please do not hesitate to ask.

Talk later xoxo,