Pros & Cons of Following Coaster Construction

Recently you pretty much can't scroll through social media without having some sort of SW8 at Alton Towers or Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point construction photo. Ever since these two large investments were announced we've been treated to shots covering every inch of action, from dirt shifting from one side of the construction site or a BRAND NEW bolt being added to the lifthill. Safe to say, we go absolutely mental for a construction photo.

But, not all of us go in for the 'every scrupulous detail' angle. Personally I'm a bit of a crap enthusiast when it comes to that sort of stuff and don't usually know what the hell I'm looking at until much further down the line (honestly, I'm not entirely sure what a 'footer' even is). I find more fun in being surprised by things too. So suffice to say, there are good and bad sides to both arguments, which is what I want to talk about today!

Pro - It builds anticipation
Nothing builds excitement for a new attraction that watch it appear from the ground up, as piece by piece appears on the Internet with each update. It's like watching a really drawn out jigsaw puzzle slowly piece itself together, and it's actually really satisfying - especially when you get to opening day and see the final product when you remember it being a patch of dirt a few months back.

Con - It can draw out the process
Nothing can slow down the time until opening day like paying attention to every meticulous detail. Literal months can go by where not more than a movement of some rubble takes place, and realistically the earlier you start following the construction the further away opening day is.

Pro - It creates conversation for the closed season
During the months from November-March, we get a little parched for news. Following the construction of a new ride, with daring enthusiasts shoving cameras over fences to catch a glimpse of progress really can keep the fire of excitement burning and give us something to mull over during the dark closed period months. And let's face it, it is fun to join in and uncover the ridiculous rumours that come out of a collective fandom having pretty much nothing to do for quite a long period of time. It's hilarious what we come up with based off of a blurry picture taken through a fence.

Con - It can ruin the surprise
When we spend hours poring over every angle of a new ride online, you do tend to learn every twist and turn of the thing. And sometimes that can ruin the element of surprise. Part of the fun of riding a new coaster for me is not knowing entirely what is about to happen - it's the same reason I'm not hugely into watching POVs.  Or worse, you might end up with false expectations. Watching the construction of what you've convinced yourself is some epically thrilling ride only to ride it and fine it's the weakest piece of shit ever is super devastating.

Pro - It can give insight into upcoming trends
Sometimes we follow the construction of something right from the moment pics emerge from the manufacturers yard where they've been playing around testing something new. It's always good fun and interesting to guess where the thing might end up, which parks or chains are going to take the chance and install one. And then the excitement when the parts of one are spotted in some theme park car park. It's almost a smug knowingness - like we're all in on some secret info. Equal parts geeky as hell and fab.

Con - You can tire yourself out
This is probably the biggest con for me - I get bored of seeing the damn thing before I've even had the chance to ride! I've actively tried to keep away from the SW8 construction stuff because it's literally everywhere I bloody look and I don't want to become sick of the sight of it before opening day. Want to retain some of that intrigue and excitement.

I guess ultimately it's about finding the right balance for you - for every person who can't wait to inhale the next update there's a pessimist like me who can't wait to scroll past it on my feed!

Talk later xoxo,