Can We Talk About THAT Disneyland Paris Announcement?

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or sat somewhere with no signal all afternoon (you poor soul you!) then you’ll likely have seen a certain huge announcement from the world’s biggest theme park operator that pretty much broke the internet. And guys, I am dead. I haven’t been this excited for an announcement since Efteling announced Baron 1898. I’ve been excitedly running around the office all afternoon excitedly chatting about it to anybody who would listen!

For those who are blissfully unaware, or like me just want every hot take on it the internet has to offer, let’s break it down:
- Bob Iger announces multi-year expansion project for Walt Disney Studios
- Project price-tag is an eye-watering €2 billion
- Development includes expansion of three new areas including Marvel, Star Wars and Frozen IPs
- Expansion taking place from 2021

This is the stuff we KNOW – now let’s get on to what we enthusiasts do best – SPECULATION! *Clicks zoom on image*

First up, Frozen Land AKA Arendelle. From the concept art we’ve got a castle, a village and a huge fuck-off mountain. I’m thinking from the looks of things we’ll likely get your standard shop affair in the village area – Ooh Hoo, Big Summer Blow Out! Knowing the mania for the Frozen characters I’d also hazard a guess that we’re looking at some kind of Anna and Elsa meet and greet too, and maybe even some kind of themed dining experience akin to a Be Our Guest sort of thing? This is just me blue-skying at this point, but that’s the fun of this kind of thing right?

And then the ride. I think it’s safe to assume that this is not going to be a C&P of Frozen Ever After considering that was just a reskin of an existing attraction and this is being built from scratch. I’m also assuming this will be similar if not the same as the Frozen attraction coming to Hong Kong Disneyland. Ideally I’d love a coaster attraction – Expedition Elsa-rest anyone? No? Just me? Ok…

Marvel stuff we pretty much know what we’re getting already – Rock n Rollercoaster is becoming some sort of Iron Man extravaganza! From the looks of the concept art that entire alley is going to become Marvel-ified, and honestly I’m a little sad about it. I absolutely adore that old Hollywood style theming so it’ll be a shame to see that bulldozed, but I understand it totally makes sense in streamlining the park.

From the looks of the artwork too I think it’s safe to say we can also expect changes to come to Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux and Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular. It makes sense to keep a stunt show and make it Marvel themed, but odd seeing as we know a Marvel stunt show is coming to the Cinemagique theatre. So…two stunt shows? There’s enough IP there to make something like that work, but interesting to consider. Also feeling like the Armageddon building will become a dedicated Marvel meet ‘n’ greet area, which again makes loads of sense as the characters are stupidly popular.

That leaves Stitch Live! And Disney Junior Live On Stage! Which will feel reeeeally out of place if they’re left as they are. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if we see Stitch reskinned as a Marvel interactive attraction, maybe something with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters? They seem the easiest choice as they have that cheeky rapport/banter going on so would suit that show set up. Speaking of Guardians, how happy are we that Tower is remaining as it is?! Such a relief that la quatrième dimension isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

The Star Wars offering is looking like a mini-Galaxy’s Edge. Here’s hoping that obscene looking trackless dark ride coming to California and Florida will slither its way in there. Honestly, I’m slightly miffed that they’re not knocking down the back of Discoveryland in Park One for this expansion, but it’d be very picky of me to say this isn’t cool, because it absolutely is, it’s perfect! Ideally I’d love an entirely unique Star Wars ride experience to come to Paris, but likelihood is that ain’t gonna happen. Whatever it is, my husband is pretty excited, so that’s nice!

And finally, the FUCKING LAKE! Did somebody say night-time spectacular?! Hells yes. I want that in my face immediately. I’ve heard all kinds of rumours from Fantasmic to World of Colour to a completely new show. We’re told this will be a hub for entertainment, so we can definitely expect something incredible for sure!

I honestly can’t believe this is all happening to my beloved Disneyland Paris. It’s just so long overdue and so well deserved, and so unexpected! To think, all of this awesomeness is just a couple of hours away as opposed to a lengthy plane journey away. Watching parks flourish and realise their true potential is a favourite past-time of mine, and I’ve never been more excited to watch a park grow.
Bring it on Disneyland Paris, we’re all routing for you!

Talk later xoxo,