6 Signs You're Suffering From Theme Park Fatigue

The life of a theme park enthusiast is a hard one, full of first world problems and people moaning about complete non-issues. I always feel like my privilege is showing when I write pieces like this, but hey, I guess my life is pretty privileged and I can only write from personal experience! So, theme park fatigue then – what the heck is it? For me, it’s that time when you take a step back and realise that maybe, just maybe, you’ve been spending a little bit too much time at the parks – so much so that you’ve immunised yourself to the magic and excitement and honestly for me that just won’t do. A big part of why I love this hobby is the fun I get out of visiting parks, and honestly if that ever went away there’d be no reason to spend the amount of time and cash I do on it! So, heed my warning and always be on the lookout, here are six signs you’re suffering from the fateful Theme Park Fatigue.

You Can’t Remember The Last Coaster You Went On
I get it – there’s another end of the spectrum here where it’s been just so long since you last visited a park that you genuinely don’t remember the last thing you rode. And man, I feel for you, but I’m talking about the opposite. Have you ever visited so many parks within a short space of time that they’ve all just blended together and you can’t get it straight in your head what you went on on what day and in what park? This sort of thing is particularly true of the big American road trips I’ve done in the past – particularly ones with a bunch of Six Flags parks on the agenda. They’re so similar and all have such similar names that your brain just plumps them altogether into a giant mass of coaster goodness. 

You Can’t Remember The Last Free Weekend You Had
It’s mid-season and you’re once again comparing calendars with your non-coaster friends, trying to lock down a date where you aren’t visiting your local park for the umpteenth time this year. You can’t help it, you’re a planner, and I feel that. But when you get to the point where you’re looking back over the months and genuinely can’t remember the last Saturday you spent in your pants binge-watching Netflx and wishing you were at a theme park then we’re starting to get an issue on our hands. Remember, it’s OK to take time off. Self-care is vital. And I promise you, the one weekend you do choose to not spend at a park will just get you all the more excited for the next!

Your Diet Mainly Consists of Pizza/Pasta Buffet
Or similar. Yh, I’m very guilty of this. I’m so, so bad at adulting, and visiting parks is a great excuse to cover up the fact that I rarely cook anything for myself. If I’m not stacking my plate at a pizza/pasta buffet at least three times a month I’m not happy. My body and my skin are though! When I find myself feeling bloating and wondering why I feel so sluggish and gross all the time, I can usually blame it on a poor diet of not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-delicious theme park food. It’s just so tasty I can’t help myself!

You Can’t Tell Theming From Reality
Urgh, I’m so bad for this one. When you visit as many parks as I do you get accustomed to taking in magnificent sights in the form of awesome theming. So much so that it can get to the point where any time you see something awesome your brain tends to automatically register this under the ‘immersive theming’ tab, and therefore the awe is slightly dulled. Case in point – the castle in Buda. I distinctly remember walking around that and being so impressed, but all the time thinking ‘ooh, this looks like Disneyland’. NO BRAIN! STOP IT! This is actually the real thing, which makes it so much better on every level.

You Actually Look Forward To A Non-Park Day
Now this for me is when I know I’ve been hitting it a little too hard. I’m exhausted, my step count is off the chart, I have no money in my bank account and all I’m looking forward to is a lie-in, a long bath and theme park YouTube videos playing on a loop in the background. When I look at my calendar at a weekend and see a glorious halo-ed blank white square staring back at me, filled with the opportunity to fill it by doing sweet FA.

You Don’t Get Excited Any More
And this is the worst one. When you’ve hit it so hard that the magic is fully drained and it feels more like a chore than a fun day out. At this point, you’ve hit rock bottom and are experiencing symptoms of full blown Theme Park Fatigue. If the entrance music to your local parks doesn’t get those butterflies of excitement going, if the thought of spending your day riding coasters and eating crap doesn’t fill you with joy, then it’s time to take a step back. Don’t burn yourself out, it’s all good!

If you’re reading this and experiencing any of these symptoms yourself, then I extend my deepest condolences. But, there is hope yet! Follow my advice – take regular breaks when needed, schedule in some down time and regularly take a step back to ensure the fun is still there and you’ll be sure to keep those symptoms at bay – you got this!

Talk later xoxo,