A Day At Drayton Manor

I hadn't been to Drayton Manor in aaaages. After the craziness of China, I was keen to get back to some UK parks that I haven't visited in a hot minute, Drayton being top of that list. So, Bank Holiday weekend, off we went!

Drayton is a weird one for me. Growing up we were very much a Merlin family, even though Merlin wasn't a thing just yet. It was all about Thorpe and Chessington and maybe Alton every couple of years if we fancied a change. But my dad always told us about this park called Drayton Manor. They had a rollercoaster where you STAND UP...a drop tower that TILTS YOU forwards...A GOLDEN NUGGETS THEMED SHOOTY DARK RIDE?! Hell yh, it was always one of those places I was dying to visit, and eventually we did visit the park as a family a few times.

It always just seemed like a bit of a novelty - so different from the other theme parks that we'd visited in that they always seemed to be going for a truly unique angle. And honestly, I feel like in recent years the park has fallen by the wayside a little bit. I had no really big yearning to visit as there were no new big investments for me (obviously Thomas Land is a huge deal but not exactly my age bracket!) Until this year. It just felt like a looong time since I'd been so it was time to darken their doors once more!

Sadly, G Force was down - but coaster wise I was surprised at how much I adored Shockwave. All I remember of this coaster really is the novelty - and after leaving it for such a long time that was definitely back in full swing. There really is something just so bizarre about climbing a lifthill and diving through inversions whilst standing up. Although maybe I should have rethought the denim skirt choice what with the coaster's...interesting restraints.

Can somebody explain to me why Apocalypse is the only drop tower I can walk straight on to without shitting myself? Any other drop I'm shivering in my pants as we make our way over but for some reason Apocalypse doesn't get me until I'm actually at the top. Either way, what a fucking fantastic ride. Easily one of the best rides in the country for me - especially on tower 5 aka the stand up floorless side. Terrifying, but endlessly thrilling. Still haven't mastered the art of keeping a straight face for the photo though lol.

And then there's The Haunting! I last went on this probably....2011? So it's been a WHILE since riding this for me - and wow what an update! I remember it being slightly worse for wear on my last ride, so it was fantastic to see all the new effects. Although I am slightly sad to see bat-on-a-stick has long been removed (if you know you know). It was mega atmospheric inside - so much so that a bunch of kids cried and had to be let out lol.

Although it's sad to see parks lose partnerships with IP, Drayton have done the most incredible job with retheming Ben 10 to Accelerator - you'd honestly never have a clue it even existed. I loved the way the room filled with the sounds of revving engines whilst you''re waiting to board, nice touch. I also adore these Vekoma Junior Boomerang coasters - they're actually so terrifying and always catch me off guard when climbing the lift hill. Fabulous ride for Drayton.

Sadly we were spited by Stormforce 10 which was actually running for the first time I've visited since...well it felt like a million years. We did start queuing but decided we'd actually be better off doing it at the end of the day so we didn't have to walk around soaked. Bad move on our part as it broke down for the rest of the day - so sad as I was really excited to get back on after all this time. Oh well, next time!

For a Bank Holiday Sunday we had such a wonderful, chilled out visit to Drayton Manor. The crowds were well managed and the vibe on park was just one of pure chill and fun. The attractions were great, and whilst I'm still really gunning for the park to make a major thrill investment soon, I completely appreciate that with recent events that might not be possible. Either way, it's a great park as it is and I'm excited what the future holds!

Thanks so much to Drayton Manor for having us and I look forward to revisiting soon!

Talk later xoxo,