Top 6 Most Overrated Coasters

Ooooh I love a bit of a controversial topic recently don't I? Oh well, time for another rage-inducing discussion, this time all about coasters that I personally think are overrated. These are coasters that people really built up for me that just didn't live up to my expectations, or coasters I went on a didn't think much of that I've since heard people absolutely raving about. Obviously as always this is entirely based on my opinion and you might think I'm an absolute cretin and disagree with me - which is great! Leave me a comment and we'll have an argument about it. Here we go.

Blue Fire
Pettily renamed by me as poo fire. Oh my god, I was so damn excited for this coaster. On paper it looked great. Launch - yes. Inversions - yes. Airtime- looks like it? Theming - fab. Imagine my disappointment when the launch felt like a wet fart and that first element took what little oomph it did have out of it immediately. Basically I spent the whole ride sulking about the lacklustre launch so I really didn't enjoy it. The heartline inversion at the end is pretty good I guess, but I very often see this coaster absolutely raved about when in reality it's mediocre at best. 

This is my go to coaster when people ask me what my least favourite is. What an awful, awful ride. I seriously cannot fathom how anybody can enjoy this coaster? It does absolutely nothing with the height apart from bombard you with forces so strong that you either grey out or end up with a head rush so bad it makes you feel sick. I wanted relentless airtime, I wanted to embrace the speed, I wanted it to be as good as I had been lead to believe it was. Instead what it delivered was a ride so uncomfortable and joyless that I sat on the grass outside during our ERT session because I couldn't abide another go. 

Boulder Dash 
Before I'd ridden Boulder Dash, I had a picture painted for me of what this ride would deliver. Imagine the best sex you've ever had, and multiply it by ten, I was told. My mind was wild with what awaited me across the Atlantic. Turns out whoever told me that must have been having some REALLY bad sex because Boulder Dash was probably the biggest anti-climax of my coaster career. OK, fair enough it was having a 'bad day' but in my opinion that's just not a good enough excuse. I was devastated, I'd wanted this coaster to blow my mind and change my life forever but all it did was let me down. So sad. 

Weird one. I actually really love Wildfire. I think the setting is stunning, it's relentless, it has one of the most interesting layouts of any coaster I've ridden and it's just all round a fun time. But. There are many people out there now proclaiming it to be the best coaster in the world. The Best. Coaster. In the world. Let that sink in – that’s a HUGE claim to make. For me, Wildfire really is a fantastic coaster, it’s great, especially for Europe. But best in the world? Not even close. It’s not even the best RMC I’ve ridden, let alone the best all round coaster that exists on this planet!

Another coaster I actually really enjoy. It’s really a fun ride. My issue is this is such a cookie cutter coaster. And again – it’s a great ride. Nothing wrong with it at all. But it is extremely formulaic. You could mark with an x where all the airtime is going to be and it will 100% deliver – and I don’t know about you but I prefer my coasters to be a little bit more on the wild side! I want that sense of unpredictability and mania, and Balder definitely doesn’t deliver in that area. I have no idea why I see some people raving so much about it.

Expedition GeForce

Considering this coaster was voted best in the world in the Mitch Hawker polls (I know they don’t mean anything but seriously) a few times, imagine my disappointment when I got off of this one. And again – it’s in no way a bad coaster. It’s fun, it’s got shit tons of airtime, it’s fast. I think this very much suffered from the fact that when it opened in 2001 there wasn’t really anything else like it in the world and it probably was fairly mind-blowing. By the time I rode it in 2014 things had quickly moved on from then and what coasters offer now is wildly different. We’re spoiled really!

That's my list - what about you? What's a coaster you see everybody raving about that you just don't get? Let me know in the comments!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. I agree with you on Expedition GeForce - I was so hyped to ride it in June when I went over to Germany. I did really enjoy it, but it just seemed a bit...meh really. Can't really explain it better than that. I also share your feelings about Blue Fire, another one I was really looking forward to and it was just a bit of a let down - I really do prefer Icon over it.

    Great blog, as always.

  2. Agree about i305, Rode it 3x trying to force myself to like it but The Greying out and lack of airtime hurt it.