You Knows It's Scare Season When

My excitement levels for this upcoming scare season have peaked and it's not even fucking October yet! Ok, so I know I've already had my fair share of spooky goodness what with the lead up to FRIGHT NIGHTS and my trip to Orlando for all of their Halloween stuff, but the season has barely begun. I've got sooo much fab stuff planned including two more trips abroad to try out some European Halloween park events, as well as some more new-for-me UK events. The most wonderful time of year is truly upon us, so here's seven signs you know it's scare season when...

Even when you've not been near a bonfire? Like I swear to god the amount of times I've come home from FRIGHT NIGHTS or Scarefest and my coat smells of delicious embery goodness. Also with a vague hint of fog machine and Gothic Mansion 4. I guess it's just something in that wonderful autumnal air? Either way, I'm absolutely not mad at it, one of the things I love most about autumn is all the gorgeous smells lingering around and if my garments want to absorb some of that wonderfulness then it'd be rude not to let them.

If you're like me then you'll want to squeeze every last spooky drop out of this most awesome of seasons, and as such your October calendar get's pretty stacked pretty quickly. To go a step further, if you're obsessed like I clearly am you'll have started co-ordinating your diary months ago, working out how you can maximise scare attraction time and hit up as many different attractions as possible whilst still finding time to go to a pumpkin patch, do some spooky baking, go on a cute autumnal walk and host a Halloween party. Pinterest makes it look so easy but I swear Halloween management is a full time job!

Now, I LOVE being scared. But because of my job and because I'm an absolute addict when it comes to Halloween things I've kind of found myself growing more and more desensitised. One way for me to combat this is to fully immerse myself in the terrified headspace, and one was I do this is by screaming my head off. The adrenaline pay off and heightened sense of fear is SO WORTH IT. But, the sore throat that comes after isn't exactly my favourite. Wouldn't be October if my handbag weren't packed to the brim with Strepsils.

Oh we do love an autumnal Instagram feed! It's very telling for me the scare season is well and truly here when I scroll through and all I have is photos of the Scarefest sign at the end of Towers Street or giant terrifying scarecrows leaning over fences at Tulleys. And then there's all the fabulous night time shots of the coasters if you're visiting events at parks - is there seriously anything better than seeing Stealth lit up against that dark October sky or seeing a cool long-exposure shot of Nemesis taking that zero-g? Love it.

On the other end of the spectrum from being desensitised is when you get too in the zone and spend the entirety of October on edge waiting to jump because your brain is locked in scare maze mode. Even doing something normal in spooky months like going shopping or whatever I feel on edge because my brain thinks everybody is just waiting for the perfect chance to spook me. I trust no-one, and it's exhausting haha!

There's something about spending the best part of a month having random strangers bark in your face and shouting abuse at you that can change a person. You associate those feelings of terror and humiliation with excitement and joy and things can get a little...weird. You often find that you need to go on to more extreme attractions to get the fix you once got from less terrifying attractions, and before you know it you're in a weird hole on PornHub wondering if there's a scare attraction genre. No? Nobody else? Just me? Alrighty then...

I'm always torn when I visit attractions during October. On one hand, I want to dress nice because I know I'm going to take pics so I want to look good. On the other, I know I'm going to get mauled by cretins covered in fake blood and dirt so don't want to ruin anything expensive. And even when you don't realise there's blood on you you'll look down and you'll just be smeared. Or days later, even after you've showered, you'll catch yourself in a weird angle in a mirror and be like oh there's blood on my neck, brilliant.

Not that I'm complaining about ANY of the above. I'm not lying when I say my entire year builds up to spooky season and I am SO READY to get stuck in.

Talk later xoxo,