The Clamshell Awards - Results

Wow, can't believe my second ever Clamshell Awards is over! That's been an absolute whirlwind - over 2000 of you submitted votes this time around. More than double from last year which is just a tremendous result and more than I could ever have expected. I've absolutely loved watching my social media feeds being full of people plugging away and campaigning for your votes, so much fun to watch the entire community get involved in celebrating each others' channels!

And now for the results then - as always it's been an extremely close race. Sadly because of some bot-voting shenanigans I wasn't able to gauge a proper understanding of who was in the lead the entire way through, so I've basically been in the dark about this as much as you guys have been this time around. Which honestly I didn't hate! It's been lovely seeing not only the same consistently excellent content creators being celebrated but also watching some new big players emerge. I think 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for content all around if we keep developing at this rate. But anyway, enough rambling - on to The Clamshell Awards 2018 results!

Winners - I will be in contact with all of you over the next few days to sort out your prizes, so please keep an eye on your social media inboxes so that I can get in touch with you. And I want to take this moment to congratulate all of you on your win - you're all absolutely incredible content creators and do amazing things to keep coaster enthusiasts like myself entertained and inspire me daily to keep creating content myself, so kudos!

And an amazing thank you to everybody who got involved with this year's awards - whether you nominated, voted, tweeted, Instagrammed, or anything else inbetween, without your involvement these awards wouldn't be what they are so thank you all so much. Hundreds of channels were nominated this year, way more than 2017 and it was fantastic to get to know a ton of new content creators through their nominations - which is realistically what this is all about! I can't wait to see what 2019 brings. 

Talk later xoxo,