The Clamshell Awards - Shortlist

Image Clamshell Awards 2018 Title Card
Wow, that was absolutely tremendous! For the past ten days or so I've been glued to my Cupcakes & Coasters Facebook inbox, meticulously filing away all of your nominations for this year's Clamshell Awards. The response has been absolutely staggering and I've had double the amount of channels nominated for the various categories this year with over 200 channels given a mention compared with last year's 100. We certainly are a talented, dedicated and creative bunch aren't we? Thanks so much to everybody who took the time to submit a nomination form, it's been absolutely fantastic seeing all the praise shared for all of the theme park content creators and also ended with me having a list a mile long of new creators to check out - perfect to while away the closed season for sure!

But enough of me waffling on, I'm assuming you're here to check out the nominations for this year's awards yh? Well, without further ado I present to you the shortlisted nominees for The Clamshell Awards 2018!

Best Established Channel (sponsored by Liseberg)
Prize - Invitation for two to Liseberg amusement park including overnight stay at Hotel Liseberg Heden and a three course dinner at one of the park's restaurants with the best view of the stage and the Kraftwerk 3D show August 30th.

1. CoasterBot
2. Theme Park Worldwide
3. The Jack Silkstone

Best Newcomer (sponsored by Nick Hutson Music)
Prize - a bespoke piece of instrumental music custom created for your channel! (Max 30 seconds)

1. Theme Park Banter
2. Evil Lewis Vlogs
3. Archie Deaves

Best Small Disney Channel (sponsored by Maple & Whisky)
Prize - A £20 voucher for the Maple & Whisky Etsy store

1. Walk In The Parks
2. That UK Disney Couple
3. Davies Express

Best Vlogger (sponsored by the European Coaster Club)
Prize - A six issue membership to the European Coaster Club

1. The Jack Silkstone
2. Theme Park Worldwide
3. Theme Park Banter

Best Facebook Page (sponsored by Chessington World of Adventures)
Prize - A VIP giraffe feed for four at Chessington World of Adventures

1. Towers Street
2. Theme Park Guide
3. Thrill Nation

Best Facebook Group (sponsored by Toverland)
Prize - a massive Toverland goody bag

1. Theme Park Global
2. Meme Park Worldwide
3. CoasterForce Chat

Best Theme Park Gamer (sponsored by NoLimits)
Prize - a Steam license of NoLimits2

1. Silvarret
2. Theme Park Worldwide
3. Geekism

Best Instagrammer (sponsored by Attractions Management)
Prize - a one year subscription to Attractions Management

1. Attraction Images
2. Thrill Rides Photography
3. Shutterbug Kingdom

Best Podcast (sponsored by IMAscore)
Prize - a selection of IMAscore CDs

1. The Inevitable Theme Park Podcast
2. Theming & Meming
3. CoasterBot Rambles

Best Blogger (sponsored by Phantasialand)
Prize - four tickets to Wintertraum at Phantasialand

1. Amarghh
2. Ginger Freckled Girl
3. CoasterBot

- Only one vote per person (to be tracked by the provider)
- Voting closes at 11.59PM on Saturday 15th December
- Any duplicate votes will be removed and not coutned
- Winners will be announced on the evening of Sunday 16th December

So, time to vote! Voting will be open for the next week and a bit, and I'd love for you to use #TheClamshellAwards2018 to let everybody know you've voted. Good luck everyone!

Talk later xoxo,