Major Parks I'm Not Bothered About Visiting

Admittedly, being the self-professed cred-whore that I am there aren't many parks in the world I'm completely 'meh' about visiting. If I'm in the area, chances are I'll make the effort to get the the park in the vicinity for the sweet, sweet cred boost and usually I find most parks have some redeeming quality that leaves me wanting to hang out for a couple of hours longer. But do you ever find yourself bored and randomly browsing your way through RCDB, landing on a page of a major theme park and thinking wow, there is literally nothing here that would make me want to take a day out of my life to visit this place - even for the +1s! So yeah, I guess this is kind of an anti-bucket list - major parks I literally couldn't give a shit if I ever visited or not!

Actually part of the Six Flags family, La Ronde is a pretty major park in Montreal, Canada that's home to eight coasters including a B&M hyper and a B&M invert! So why the hell wouldn't I want to bother visiting? To put it bluntly, reputation. Everybody I know who has visited this place has described it as the pits, a park with little-to-no redeeming features and if two B&Ms can't even save it then it must be bad! Plus it's situated in a place in the world I can't really see myself ever making the effort to visit as there are a hundred other places I'd put ahead of it.

Until very recently, I would've made the effort to visit Dreamworld just to ride Tower of Terror if I ever by some strange set of coincidences found myself in Australia. Turns out that the park have just this week decided that Tower of Terror is to close, leaving a tantalising line-up of a SkyLoop, an Arrow Looper, a Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster and an Intamin Motorbike Coaster. Yeah...nothing really grabbing me hear folks! Plus Australia has always been one of those countries that has never really grabbed me as a place I'd love to visit, so with the lack of desire to see the country itself coupled with the cost of getting there and the lack of appealing coasters you can see where I'm coming from with this one.

This is another one that's in a slightly awkward place in the world without a strong enough coaster/ride line-up to encourage me to make the burdenous journey. We were literally in the vicinity of the park this summer and I think it was discussed once, decided we didn't want to bother and was never mentioned again. I won't lie, I would quite like to ride Shivering Timbers but let's face it, it's not a coaster you hear people raving about so that alongside the less-than-desirable remaining line-up. I'm sure it's a perfectly pleasant park for locals in the surrounding area but as somebody travelling internationally and given its location I can't see myself visiting the park any time soon and it's certainly not a park I'd go out of my way to visit.

You might previously have heard of this park referred to as Ankapark, which it was destined to be called until about a month before opening when the owners decided to do a u-turn. Fuck knows why. But yh, 9 coasters in operation and 8 under construction, surely the appeal of +17 is enough to get me there? Well yes the cred-whore side of me is screaming for that juicy cred-injection, but the reality is the coaster line-up is really quite poor. Essentially it's just a ton of off-the-shelf family crap with a token Intamin 10-looper thrown in for good measure. Meh. Until they get something custom and actually exciting I think I'll keep my distance, and given that they currently have 9 coasters 'under construction' and not one of those are enticing to me I think it'll be a while before Wonderland Eurasia has me gracing their gates with my presence.

There's an RMC here I know, I know. But really, when was the last time you heard anybody having a good word to say about Joker? Now, given its proximity to San Francisco this is a park I can see myself visiting when we head out to California (whenever that will be lol), but it's not really a park I see myself pining for, if that makes sense? Like I would go, but if there was a freak monsoon that day and we couldn't visit I wouldn't be overly devastated? Having done so many bloody Six Flags parks but now the formula is one I'm used to and not overly enthused by. Beside the RMC, there's nothing else really that jumps out at me as a 'must-ride' from SFDK and if I had to choose between this and California's Great America if I only had time to visit one I'd go with the latter every time.

Let's face it, in reality if I had the option and was in the vicinity I don't think there's a park in the world I'd purposely pass up on, and it was actually quite hard writing this list to think of parks I genuinely wouldn't care less if I visited or not!

Talk later xoxo,