The Clamshell Awards - Results

As if the polls have closed on the THIRD ever Clamshell Awards! Time flies when you're plugging your channel for votes haha. As always, I've absolutely loved the passion with which each channel and their devoted supporters have campaigned for their respective categories and I do hope that The Clamshell Awards have been able to provide a little respite especially for my UK followers in what has been a pretty bleak and tumultuous time for democracy in our country! Things might be shit (in my opinion), but is there anybody following this madness that didn't crack a smile when that diss track foolishness ensued. I think not!

But anyway, you're here for some results I'm guessing? You'll have to forgive me, the badges are on my work computer at home and I'm in Belfast at the time of writing this but I promise I will add them in once I'm back tomorrow. And as per last year I frustratingly had to deal with some bot/sinister voting that started to take place for certain channels so it's been a bit of a pain in the bum sifting through over 1000 votes to get a clear picture of each category's true winner. But we're there now, so drumroll please...

Winners - I will be in contact with all of you over the next few days to sort out your prizes, so please keep an eye on your social media inboxes so that I can get in touch with you. And I want to take this moment to congratulate all of you on your win - you're all absolutely incredible content creators and do amazing things to keep coaster enthusiasts like myself entertained and inspire me daily to keep creating content myself, so kudos!

And an amazing thank you to everybody who got involved with this year's awards - whether you nominated, voted, tweeted, Instagrammed, or anything else in between, without your involvement these awards wouldn't be what they are so thank you all so much. Even more channels were nominated this year as I said, especially from the US so here's hoping the 2020 awards will break out even further to our friends across the pond!

I'm also going to ask a favour - either in the comments or on social media, please could I get your thoughts on the following:

- Submission process (eg, should I open this up to more channels like Twitter & Instagram to allow those without Facebook to get involved? Is there an alternative way you think would work better?)

- Voting (Does the Google Form work for you? Is having to sign in a pain in the bum? It was the only way I could think to deter the pests who insist on spam voting so if anyone has any alternatives I'd love to hear it!)

Talk later xoxo,


  1. Congratulations everyone we love watching all ur content. Keep up the fantastic work 😊