Coasters I Hate That Everybody Else Loves

A big part of my journey as a coaster enthusiast has been learning to make my own decisions and form my own opinions on coasters and try not to go along with agreeing that something is amazing just because everyone says it is or some awards thing dubbed it the best. And believe me, I have gotten into a LOT of arguments on the internet over the years defending my choices or by daring to point out that actually, that coaster everyone is fawning over just doesn't really do it for me. It's always entertained me just how angry people get when you say you don't like a coaster they love. And don't get me wrong, if somebody told me Taron was shit I'd probably have a thing or two to say about it, but let's face it if it's not for you then it's not for you, it literally does not matter. And with that said let's get into my list of coasters I hate that for some unknown reason everyone else loves!

Firstly I refuse to call it Incredicoaster because California Screamin' is just too good a name for a coaster and I'm still mad as her they renamed it. Boooo. Secondly this coaster. Off. I swear to god for years I'd heard people going on and on about how much fun this coaster is and how it's amazing and omg the on board audio is incredible and so on and so on. And let me tell you...I do not remember a damn thing about this coaster other than the fact that the OBA was crackly as hell and it just...didn't really do anything? I was so sad that it wasn't very good and honestly I'll be VERY surprised if the Pixar overlay will do it any favours. Oof.

This is one of those old school coasters that first did the rounds as BEST COASTER IN THE WORLD OMG. It topped all of the coaster polls for years and years and everybody praised it to high heavens, like it was god's gift to us all. I finally got to ride the thing in 2014, 13 years after it opened but still making regular appearances in Top10s around the world. And I mean...really? This one is probably a bit of a cheat entry as I wouldn't say I hate this coaster per se but I am definitely confused as to why a lot of enthusiasts acted like it was the best thing ever when it's just...good. It's a good coaster. But not mindblowing by any stretch. Get better idols.

I HATE THIS COASTER. Good lord I hate this coaster. I remember the year we did the East Coast so clearly, and how for months in the run up I'd been poring endlessly over enthusiast forums and shots of both SkyRush and i305, salivating over the Intamin goodness that awaited me. SkyRush lived up to my expectations and then some - it was incredible and only served to further amplify my appetite for the other big boi Intamin on the trip. And urgh, it suuuuucccckkkedddd. Going down that first drop and straight into the layout to be met with instant greyout and subsequently what is still to this date one of my least enjoyable experiences on a coaster ever left me absolutely distraught. How could SkyRush be so good and this so...not? And why the hell was everyone banging on and on about how incredible i305 was?! IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT INFLICT MISERY!! Should've torn it down instead of fabulous Volcano RIP.

More like POOfire amiright? Sigh, this fucking dick tease of a coaster I swear to god. I was SO excited to ride this thing. I love launches. I love big sprawling layouts with sexy transitions. I love rockwork. So imagine my FURY when that weak ass launch farted us up the first turnaround and the little oomph we did have vanished completely, leaving our train to sluggishly traipse through the layout like it would rather be doing anything else. I was so mad at it. Like there'd been some kind of mistake. The coaster I could see, the one I was looking at could in no way have delivered such a lacklustre and totally void of joy experience. So I rode it again. And...nope still crummy. Urgh. I was offended and honestly it made me hate Mack a little bit for quite a while (I'M TOTALLY OVER IT NOW or am I?)

I've banged on about this dumb ass waste of wood enough on this blog to bore you with yet more of my ranting but seriously, what the hell y'all? What is this conspiracy you're all bought into where you lead poor suckers like me up the garden path into believing that you actually think this ride is good and not in a weird ironic way like we Brits do with The Ultimate (although that actually is good tbh...) Shame on you, time outs for everyone to think about what you did.

I KNOW this thing is meant to be about the speed and not the airtime and whatever, but like...I didn't even really feel the speed? On something like Formula Rossa or even Taron, the speed is absolutely relentless and powerful, you feel it charging through your entire body as your hair is whipped into some kind of crazy birds nest. You slam into the break run feeling breathless and exhilarated. On Leviathan I just felt bored and...confused? I don't know what I felt to be honest but it certainly wasn't fun. I think I was more shocked than anything that B&M could get it so, so wrong? How could something so huge be such a colossal let down? And the fact that people ADORE this coaster, it appears in so many top tens but urgh, crap.

Obviously Icon is on this list. Again, I've gone into huge detail as to why this coaster didn't impress me but nothing will ever get that memory out of my mind as we launched down that dull launch and I realised oh, this is going to suck. I think what made it worse is that I was rooting for it to be incredible. I craved for it to be out of this world amazing. And the reality was that for me it just did not deliver the Helix-style WOW factor that I was expecting from this wholly unique and masterful layout that Mack had somehow managed to squeeze into the tiny footprint at Pleasure Beach. What a waste.

OK rant over. I do enjoy letting rip on coasters like that I truly can't stand but the main reason of this post wasn't just to slag off a bunch of roller coasters, the point I'm trying to make is that just because everyone else says something is good doesn't necessarily mean that you have to agree, so don't let anybody tell you your opinion is wrong. Unless you dislike Taron, in which case I mean really?

Talk later xoxo,


  1. I cannot speak for the rest, but Icon I can relate to. My expectations were much higher but what has been delivered is well below par. IMO I'd have the Big One on that list too. After the first insane turn and drop there's not much to it other than the head cutters as it dips in between the other rides.