5 Enthusiast Resolutions for 2021

OK so writing a list of New Year's resolutions isn't exactly something I get myself into the habit of in my normal day to day, but over the past few years I've been making some enthusiast/theme park related ones just to try and keep the hobby feeling as fresh and exciting as possible and to make sure I don't get myself into a rut. As I did last year, I'll start this post by taking a quick glance at what I told myself I'd do last year and see how well I did, but I promise not to be too hard on myself given the global pandemic and all. 

Visit More UK Parks

Ah, OK, this one the pandemic certainly helped with. Being that international travel was a luxury we were largely not granted in 2020 I definitely turned my attentions back to my old UK favourites. Having visited Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington, Legoland and a bunch of smaller seaside parks during the summer of 2020 and into autumn I can certainly say I feel I've ticked this one off, and it's definitely left me with a renewed love of the places. It's something I'd really like to continue into 2021 for sure. 

Take My Time

Hmm, a tricky one. I certainly haven't been cred whoring in a big way in 2020 but I'm not sure I can really say I've taken my time? Given that the parks only really reopened from July I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt like I had a lot of lost time to make up for so I spent most of my visits running around like a crazy person trying to cram in as much fun whilst I still could. Must do better at this one this year.

Pay Attention To Lesser Known Parks

This is something I think I've absolutely smashed this year and honestly I stand by the fact that the less you know about a place the more fun you have. No preconceived expectations, no setup for disappointed, just pure heading into the unknown and either being pleasantly surprised or noting that you will never return. But usually the former. Places like Karl's Erlebnisdorf, Movieland Studios, Taunus Wunderland, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park, Belantis - all fairly off-the-radar places to visit and all places I had an absolute hoot at this year. 

Do More Rerides

OK so I consciously tried to do this this year, but yknow what thwarted me nine times out of ten? WEATHER. I don't know if y'all noticed but alongside the literal global pandemic this year the weather was kind of atrocious. I was lucky enough to head abroad on two separate trips this year and both featured more than their fair share of downpours. I really tried to get on as much as possible and fair to say I definitely rode more than I usually would, even riding some coasters alone when Conor didn't fancy another go!

Attend More Coaster Club Meets

Yh, pandemic, so no. Next year. 

And that brings us on to my new set of enthusiast resolutions to help me become a better theme park enthusiast in 2021! 

There's so much more to a theme park than just the park itself. In recent years we've seen an explosion of theme park resorts including hotels, waterparks and so much more. This year I want to focus on more quality over quantity and look to stay on Resort where I can. Looking at trips I'm hoping to get away on I'd like to stay on Resort at Phantasialand, Europa Park, Land of Legends and Plopsaland de Panne, as well as revisiting some of my favourites here in the UK.

OK so this is kind of an extension of the coaster club meet up point from last year but honestly I love meeting like-minded people who are as crazy about theme parks as I am. 2020 gave me the time I needed to really develop some of those relationships with people I've met online into full on friendships and I'd like to keep doing that into 2021.

I've already said this on my social channels a few times but I want to take the time to shout out smaller content creators who are out there making amazing theme park content but maybe aren't reaching the audience they deserve. I find that the Clamshell Awards are fantastic for doing this but I'm also going to be sharing and retweeting more where I can to signal boost those smaller accounts. My platform is by no means gigantic, but every little helps!

When I say local I mean UK, but one of my favourite things I got to experience in 2020 was Oktoberfest at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. It was the perfect thing to break up that quiet period between Summer and Halloween and I really hope we see them make a return in 2021. I had such a good time at these events that I want to try and go out of my way to get out to more UK parks during event periods as it was such a great balance of being able to enjoy my usual favourite rides alongside getting to experience something brand new too! This also goes for Halloween - I want to get out to my indie operated scares this year for sure. 

OK so this one terrifies me which is why I've left it until last, but last year my friend Serena told me how she was really pushing herself out of her comfort zone and trying rides she wouldn't usually touch with a barge pole and she found the thrill intoxicating! I was lucky enough to ride Stealth with her for the first time in over a decade and I was so jealous of the sheer rush she experienced after finally getting on it after all these years. Now...coasters don't really intimidate me that much any more but I'll tell you what does. Drop towers. So I want to make a pledge that I if I visit a park that has a drop tower, I have to ride it. Lord save me. 


I love writing these, it feels like setting myself a little challenge every year ahead of the season to go!

So what about you? Do you set yourself theme park enthusiast resolutions or goals for the year? What do they look like for 2021? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a chat!

Talk later xoxo,