The Clamshell Awards 2021

Oh it's the moooost wonderful tiiiime, of the year! And NO, I'm not talking about Christmas. The Clamshell Awards are back baby, celebrating the biggest, best and most creative content creators in the theme park enthusiast community! This is my FIFTH year doing the awards, which is absolutely crazy to me, and as always I can't wait to see who all your favourite creators have been these year as well as generally celebrating all of the awesomeness put out by the community in what has once again been a fairly difficult year for many given the pandemic. 

This year we have twelve categories, including a little reshuffle/rename of some existing categories and removal of older/unpopular ones. I'm also VERY pleased to confirm that prizing is back for this year, so massive thank you to all of those sponsoring a category with a prize for the Clamshell Awards 2021. So without further ado, the categories...

Prize - Exclusive filming opportunity with Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The big boy and staple headline category of the Clamshell Awards - the Best Established Channel! This is your bread and butter of theme park content creators, the one whose videos constantly pop up in your feed who you need no extra prompting to sit down and inhale their content. Everybody in the theme park community knows who they are and usually for good reason - that being they're pretty damn good at what they do!

Prize - x4 tickets to Movie Park Germany

A celebration of the up-and-coming theme park content creator whose stuff might be new to your feed but who you just can't stop watching! From the first video you were hooked, smashed the subscribe button and haven't looked back since and have quickly become a regular in your theme park content viewing habits. Nominations for Best Newcomer will only be considered for channels who have been uploading for a year or less.

Prize - x2 ThrillRiders posters of your choice

A celebration of smaller content creators! The algorithm can be a cruel mistress, and just because you're not necessarily a newcomer doesn't mean you're raking in the subscribers either. But it's often said that good things come in small packages isn't it? Exclusively for channels with less than 10,000 subscribers, this one is for the channel that more subs than they currently have.

Prize - x2 tickets to Pasaje del Terror at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Back for a second year after an outstanding debut in 2020, it's Best Production. This category is for the creator who constantly nails the transitions, is creative with their cinematography and knows how to nail the visual effects that keep their subscribers hooked.

Prize - Guided tour of Holovis Midlands HQ for two

It's not all about the rides themselves - sometimes the joy of a theme park vlog comes from the presenter! This category is for the person who is so utterly watchable and whose face and opinions on theme parks and coasters has you tuning in time and time again.

Prize - Pandemonium signage from Drayton Manor Theme Park

The first new/slightly tweaked category for 2021, introducing Best Social Media - Photography. We have some STUNNINGLY talented photographers in this community, and this category is a celebration of that talent. Whether they're racking up the likes on Instagram or adding a little spice to your Twitter feed, this category is in celebration of gorgeous theme park photography. 

Prize - x2 theme park art prints of your choice from Blossom Tree Artwork

And the second new for 2021 category - Best Social Media - Video. Does this creator's reels have you reaching for the like button? Do their TikToks turn you on? Are their Instagram Stories unmissable? Then this category is to celebrate them! Please note, this category is for short-form video only like TikTok, Reels and Instagram Stories - please don't use YouTube/long-form vlogs as your basis for nominating in this category. 

Prize - I'm Here For The Theming prize bundle

It's all about the community! Which Facebook group has left you with lifelong friends, in-jokes that have you creasing up like a weirdo whilst you're meant to be working from home and up bickering til 4AM to get the last word in?

Prize - Personalised AromaPrime scent

Back again after a smash debut in 2020 - Funniest Account, because lord knows we've needed it even MORE this year! Whose memes are always on point? Whose ridiculous video subject matter has your sides creasing? Who has you crying with laughter with their...interesting insight? The community is full of hilarious bastards, time to let them know!

Prize - Selection of IMAscore CDs

Which podcasters had you roaring with laughter in 2021, brought you info and facts you never knew about your favourite parks and really made you feel like you were along for the ride as they debriefed about their most recent theme park trip or got stuck in to the latest community gossip?

Prize - x2 tickets to Phantasialand

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from YouTube and sit back with a scroll through your favourite theme park blog. Which blogger has you always on the lookout for their latest content, has all the best info on trip planning and advice and whose opinion do you always research before heading off on trips of your own?

Prize - Theme Park Collection B&M pin badge

And finally, returning for another year, this is Best Live Content. Whose Instagram Lives do you never fail to click on? Whose Twitch stream schedules do you have memorised? Quarantine may have ended but the popularity of live and engaging content sure hasn't, so time to shout out your favourites!

I figure 12 is a good number of categories, otherwise things start to seriously get out of control! Apologies if your favourite category hasn't made an appearance this year but some are popular than others and I try and ensure the categories reflect the popularity of the different forms of content that I tend to see most of, so hopefully that's worked out here. 

We get it Jordan, but how do we VOTE?! I hear you, let me explain:


Nominations are now open! Please DM me on the Cupcakes & Coasters Facebook Page with your nominations using the below template. Nominations are now open and will close at midnight on Sunday 12th December, so please make sure you've submitted your form by them as any shared after will not be considered! From those nominated, a shortlist will be created and a voting period will follow. The winners will be announced on the evening of Monday 20th December.

I'd recommend two creators nominations per category. You don't have to nominate for every category if you don't want to, nor do you have to select two for each category, but it helps keep the nominations varied and hey, it's more fun that way! But it's entirely up to you the way you do this.

There's a few house rules, but nothing too heavy unless stated otherwise in the category descriptions above. Essentially if the content creator in question produces content that fits said category then they will be considered. And for the sake of variety and fairness, and as The Clamshell Awards are a celebration of the diversity of the content the community creates, a maximum of two categories can be won per creator. Should a creator win a third category, the third win will be void and the prize will go to the runner up. It's no fun if one channel sweeps the entire awards!

Also whilst we're here, I am always incredibly flattered every year when you guys want to nominate me for some of the categories. As I'm the organiser of this shindig, please opt to nominate someone else as it'd be a little weird for me to win at my own awards (as much as I'd love the ego boost haha!) And finally, the final decision will be that of myself and Cupcakes & Coasters based on the public vote - however results will be available upon request should you wish to see them.

**The Clamshell Awards Nominations Template**

Best Established Channel

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Newcomer Channel

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Small Channel

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Production

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Vlogger

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Social Media - Photography

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Social Media - Video

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Facebook Group

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Funniest Account

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Podcast

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Blogger

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Best Live Content

Nominee 1

Nominee 2

Terms & Conditions

You may make up to two nominations per category

You may not nominate yourself

You may not amend your nomination once submitted

Nominations close at 11.59PM on Sunday 12th December


And there we go! Voting is now officially open and I wish everybody the very best of luck in the 2021 Clamshell Awards!

Talk later xoxo,


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