Halloween 2022 Most Anticipated

Apparently I'm going to Fright Nights tonight? That is so bizarre to say, but yes, it is once again the most wonderful time of year, and yes once again I find myself looking forward to an unhinged calendar of spooky events to get stuck into across the UK. From revisiting old favourites to trying out some new-for-me events too, I'm aiming to visit no less than thirteen different haunts this season and I cannot wait to get started. These are my most anticipated Halloween events I'll be attending in 2022!

The infamous and very dear to my heart Fright Nights at Thorpe Park are celebrating 21 years of scaring the shit out of us Southerners this year and of course I'll be there to celebrate! Continuinng on from a trend that started with COVID, the park will see the return of scare zones alongside four indoor scare attractions, two of which are brand new for this year. I'm sooo sad that this will be the last year for Creek Freak Massacre so of course I'm looking forward to facing the Buckwheats for a final time, and I'm really intrigued by what Survival Games will bring - it gives be Sub Species vibes from the description! 

In terms of scare zones, we all know I'm a huge fan of these in the parks as they bring an incredible atmosphere to the event. The Crows of Mawkin Meadow were the stand outs for me last year so I'm very pleased to see them have more of a starring role this year, and like everybody else I am very eagerly anticipating my venture into the Locksmith's Lair in Death's Doors. I love seeing the park evolve the event and try new things every year and this year is no different!

The first new-for-me event I'll be visiting this year is Spooky World in Warrington! This attraction runs a family friendly Halloween fun event during the day but takes a sinister turn once night falls. Boasting SIX scare attractions to sink my teeth into, it's always great fun to see what these indie events bring to the table in terms of doing things differently. Their new attraction The Institute gives me Sanctuary vibes in a big way, but maybe with more of a grungy take, so I'm very interested to see what this one delivers, and the park is also home to a Haunted Hay Ride that promises a thrilling ride into the unknown! I remember adoring the hayride at Shocktoberfest the first time I did it because I had literally no idea what to expect, so I'm excited to finally try a different one. 


I've been to Walsall Scare Maze before a few years ago but that was for the Christmas version of their iconic attraction so I'm really excited to finally experience them in all their October glory. These guys are well known in the scare scene for going above and beyond to create some really innovative scare experiences in small spaces on low budgets. Seeing how creatively scare teams bring their vision to life on a shoestring is something I'm constantly in awe of throughout scare season and it's an honour to see their work in person and try it all for myself. This year the attraction presents 'The Scarehouse', a haunted house museum (does one of these actually exist??) with a sinister secret that we as urban explorers get to discover for ourselves. I cannot wait!


Another new-for-me event, I was actually meant to visit Farmageddon last year but a change of plans meant we didn't end up making it. Based in the North West, this indie Halloween event wins award after award every year so it's high time I get myself up there to see what all the fuss is about, and if their website branding is anything to gauge their creativity by then we're in for a real treat (or trick!) The attraction is home to five scare attractions, including one where you board a vehicle with guns to go hunt zombies? Sounds insane, I'm in!


I visited this incredibly unique haunt back in 2019 and absolutely fell in love with the place, so I am incredibly excited at the prospect of returning. Unlike the other attractions on this list, the Cambridgeshire-based Horror at Hinchingbrooke House is one long haunted trail that winds through the manor itself before emerging into the grounds and surrounding buildings, stopping for various scenes along the way where you'll encounter everything from killer clowns to possessed dolls to creepypasta characters and everything else inbetween. Something I loved about this event in 2019 again was the creativity, the use of space and how each room was completely transformed into its own specific theme and vibe with seemingly no horror-related idea off limits.

As per...every year for the past four or five years (COVID-aside), I'll be returning to what is my favourite indie Halloween event in the UK to the absolutely bonkers Northamptonshire-based Dr.Fright's Halloween Nights. The catch with this place is the line-up changes every single year, so devastatingly we won't be able to join the Killer Klowns in Ibiza again this year (honestly, highlight of the scare season for me in 2021 was bopping along to Sandstorm in a swimming pool full of deformed clowns, incredible). 

This year the theme is 'HorrorWorld' and features crazy twists on some iconic Hollywood classics. We've got such insane attractions as Killer Klowns of the Caribbean (because of course we do), Grindhouse in Wonderland to look forward to, and I'm sooo ready to see what madness the Dr.Frights team have in store for us this year!


Of course, this is just a taster of what I'll be experiencing this October! We'll also be hitting up Tulley's Shocktoberfest, Alton Towers Scarefest and Chessington Howl'O'Ween, alongside a bunch of others, so rev up the chainsaws and let's get spooky!

What scare attractions will you be visiting this year? Are there any on my list you've visited before? I'd love some tips if so!

Talk later xoxo,