2023 Most Anticipated Coasters


Ah, another January, another threshold of new roller coastery goodness to get excited about! I'm almost jealous of myself looking back at my 2022 most anticipated because this year is going to be a lot more low key than last year's madness, however I am very much excited about getting back to some European theme park favs of mine in 2023. It's crazy to me that I'll (hopefully) be getting back to parks I have visited in five-NINE years ago (looking at you Madrid) and also getting to see Sam's reaction to these as he visits them for the very first time. As always, this list is based on *finger in air* plans as I've long gotten over the idea of any sort of plans being set in, but I still want to start getting hyped for what's potentially to come this year!

Man, I remember when this thing was announced and thinking mannn 2023 feels like a lifetime away, and all of a sudden here we are! I LOVE me some Intamin, and I was very hyped for Pantheon last year that sadly didn't end up happening, and Toutatis seems like Pantheon on crack so silver linings I guess! Parc Asterix always do an excellent job of delivering brilliant, high-octane coasters without scrimping on the themeing, and Toutatis is no exception. Multiple launches, beyond vertical drops, 23 moments of airtime AND it was inspired by Taron? Hell. Yes. Easily the coaster I'm most excited to get on this year, and plus I haven't been to Asterix since 2017 so it's high time I get my ass back there. 


More European Intamin joy on the horizon, and something that seemingly popped up out of nowhere? I can't even pertain to know more than a very top line bit of what this coaster is about, but opening at Parque Warner Madrid this year is Batman Gotham City Escape - which essentially looks like Europe's answer to Velocicoaster. And the trains apparently have on-board audio? Sweet. I ADORED Velocicoaster so if BGCE is even a fraction as good as that oh so perfect of coasters then we're in for a real treat. As well, I haven't visited the park since 2014 so I'm looking forward to getting back there as I don't really remember much about it other than the rapids was pretty good and I need the Stunt Fall cred. 

The first new coaster at Chessington in 20 years, who had their money on B&M? Certainly not me, but I am entirely here for it. Having been lucky enough to see the construction of this one up closed, the theming pieces are really impressive and I can't wait to step into World of Jumanji for the first time to see the (terrifying) mandrill-themed coaster trains encircling the land. B&M launches are always fun (hello Thunderbird) and I can't wait to be part of that opening day excitement where the collective hype of all the enthusiasts in attendance fills the air, nothing like it!

Well late to the party on this one but forgive me, I haven't been to the park since 2017! I LOVED original  Colossos and was lucky enough to ride it on a few occasions visiting the park, so I'm excited to see if this revamp lives up to my memory of what was one of my first 'big' wooden coasters. AND I'm really excited to see the giant wood creature monster guy up close, if he's even half as impressive as Towers' Big Bob then I'm in for a treat for sure. 


I'm sure there will be other new-for-me coasters that end up on my coaster count this year (well...I hope so because +4 for the year is pretty bleak...) but it's a pretty exciting year once again for sure getting back to some old European favs and watching the European coaster landscape continue to change with every new development. 

What new-for-you coasters are you most anticipating in 2023? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a chat!

Talk later xoxo,


  1. Choco Chip Creek at Energylandia, Storm at Tusenfryd.

    Along with all the coasters at Energylandia, Legendia, and parks I'm going on with CoasterCrew