A Fleeting Visit To France

During my visit to Disneyland Paris in November we bought annual passes (as it was cheaper than a 4 day ticket). Considering this, and the fact that the new Ratatouille ride was opening, we figured it would be rude not to visit! And compared to the gloom and doom of the wintery months, the park was looking lush in the summer sun. On park it was fairly busy but we managed to squeeze in all the greatest hits as well as catch up with some characters and spend a fair amount of time in the new Parisien area themed to Ratatouille. We had an amazing time, it was just the right dose to help get rid of my Disney withdrawals.

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups looking glorious in the summer sun

I love the quirky details in Fantasyland, look at the railings on the roof! <3

Dreamy view alongside Dumbo

Le Ch√Ęteau de la Belle au Bois Dormant

Big Thunder looming through the trees 
I want my garden to look like this

The beanstalk is definitely more effective when there are clouds in the sky

The last time we saw this it was covered in tinsel

Same photo, less layers 
The land of fantasy

One day, I will stay here, and it will be glorious
The latest craze in from Tokyo Disneyland, the Tsum Tsum! Super cute, go download the game, so kawaii ^.^

My wedding car

I prefer the original to the Christmas version

I'm home! 
I think we were late to the tea party...

Incoming weather at Skull Rock

Such a macabre ride

One of my favourite attractions at Disneyland Paris

It is stunning from every angle

Although not my preferred tower, still better than nothing <3

"Please wait in the library, your room is not ready yet" 
Popped around the corner to Toon Studios

Toy Story Playland is so vibrant and creative! 
I want them all...so I got none 
Gorgeous detail on the fountain in the Ratatouille area. This new land is incredibly detailed and immersive. It's an attraction in itself just to stand and take it all in.
And what a ride! I was grinning like a moron the entire way around. Kudos Disney, ya did good. 
Sully doesn't live here anymore =[ 
Some more Parisien detail in the Ratatouille area 
They finally fixed the sound! And it sounds awesome! Proof of the power of music on a ride. 
The Hollywood Tower Hotel; a star in its own right. 
I always forget how good this is! 
Looming lugubriously 
I don't like Mickey. But I do like this statue.

A touch of French film history/culture. 
I like these drums. They're pretty.

I want candy <3 

And that was it for our few days at Disneyland. It was fab but the crowds reminded me why I tend to avoid the summer, too many opportunities for getting annoyed about screaming children and clashes in culture being mistaken for rudeness.