The Great American Road Trip - Part 2

The morning after the group reformed in Branson, we headed to what is now my favourite theme park in the world. Silver Dollar City is an amazing immersive experience, putting you in the heart of old-fashioned Mid-West America. Everything is themed down to a tee, even the staff members wear costumes and speak in an old-timey kind of language. The food was great, the atmosphere was authentic and the rides were mind-blowing.

Prepared for an awesome day
Back row of my new favourite B&M, Wildfire

Underneath the Gateway to the Mid-West (no photos of Six Flags St.Louis because it was a bit of a hole)

In a 1930s ferris wheel atop of the City Museum in St.Louis, a giant adult play area complete with climbing frames, a bar and A TEN FOOT SLIDE!
Being cheesy in the St.Louis sunset
Quick snap pre-cave tour. There were legit park rangers wandering around everywhere. And it was damn hot!

Selfie inside the Mammoth Caves, of course! 

A night out on the town in Nashville, Tennessee 
We made it to Dollywood!

Dollywood being all photogenic 
The (bit rubbish) B&M Wing Coaster Wild Eagle (patriotism, get it?) 
Conor, definately NOT posing at one of our many stop offs during our drive through the Smoky Mountains. We found an abandoned theme park in those hills! 
Carowinds operates right over the border between North and South Carolina! (and is also, a bit of a dump)

We met the Coca Cola polar bear on our visit to Coca Cola World in Georgia, Atlanta (YouTube a video of him, he's hilarious and his animation is excellent)

Final shot of the group enjoying dinner at one of our favourite restaurants of the trip, Logan's RoadHouse.
That concludes my tour of the US this summer! I had the most incredible time, ate a bunch of amazing food (and only gained 2lb, which  have now lost, woo!) road some world-class coasters and visited some insane theme parks. I also managed to knock off a few bucket list items, such as visiting Dollywood finally! I always have an amazing time visiting America and have already started planning a trip to return. Thanks for reading!