January Haul

As January draws to a close I thought I'd take the time to have a little look at some of the bits I've picked up this month! I would like to have done another video for this haul but am waiting on my new camera to arrive before I attempt another. The items are a combination of sale/discounted items and new season items that I've come across both in store and online. I haven't spent that much this month as I've started a new job and have had to deal with the horror that is switching from weekly to monthly pay! It hasn't actually been that bad and I've had enough left over for a few treats so here we go!

First up is this black furry backpack from SheInside. It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be but it will still come in handy once my parks trips for this year start up and it's really cute too! Next I got myself a new iPad Mini case from Skinny Dip at Topshop. I got my last one from Etsy and it fell apart really easily which was super annoying. This one seems a lot sturdier and has these lovely big jewels on the front which I love! From Topshop I also picked up this lovely sparkly jumper. I know the party season is over but I couldn't resist this. It has a nice cropped fit and is really light so it nice to layer with a shirt or something whilst the weather is still cold. Annoyingly the tinselly bits do have a tendency of coming out everywhere so I leave a sparkly trail behind me wherever I go!

How amazing is this light? I stumbled across this little beauty whilst browsing through Primark at Tottenham Court Road, which is definitely the best Primark by far. It is battery powered meaning you have no restrictions when placing it and it is extremely lightweight but sturdy metal. Such a bargain find and gorgeous for a Primark special!

A few accessories next. First up, some sparkly socks. I'm terrible with socks and lose them all the time and at the present all of my sparkly socks have gone walkies so I went to Topshop and picked up some more. I'm a little annoyed that I didn't come across the over the knee beauties before Christmas as they would have been the perfect addition to any festive outfit. Luckily the weather is still as wintery as ever and definitely calls for extra layering, so these will definitely come in handy. Secondly are these amazing sparkly fishnet ankle socks! Great for adding a little bit of glitz to an outfit whilst keeping a rocky/alternative vibe. I finally picked up the circular iridescent bad in the Topshop sale after having my eye on it for a while, and ended up nabbing it for less than half price. It's so fab, I love faux reptile skin detail and the chunky black zipper. Finally is this awesome Kirk Van Outen patch from awesome independent retailer Mike McCabe. I'm a massive Simpsons fan and I love that this patch combines my fandom geekery with just enough subtlety that I can sneak it into an outfit.

Next I picked up a few bits for work. My dress code is all black which is a LOT harder than it seems, even for a semi-goth like myself! From Missguided I got this basic black Jersey dress which is half t-shirt and half faux leather dress. I can just throw it on without doing much else to it and it looks more interesting than a completely plain black dress. I should have gotten it in a size smaller because even though it has an oversized fit the size I bought it in is just slightly too big for me. I also picked up this gorgeous black maxi length mesh t-shirt that splits up the sides, perfect for wearing with a pair of ripped jeans or printed leggings for a work outfit that is easy enough yet still a little bit different and interesting.

 During my first week at work my managers were kind enough to let me go to store and pick out some bits free of charge! I was amazed that they let me do this as it is incredibly generous of them, especially considering the massive discount I get anyway! I picked up some essentials like the Prep & Prime Natural Radiance primer and Russian Red lipstick and also tried out a different foundation. The Studio Fix Fluid is something I've never tried out before and isn't something I would personally purchase again. It's a little bit too watery for me and doesn't provide a heavy enough coverage for my taste, but it was nice to have the opportunity to try it out!

I saw this jacket in Primark before Christmas but had a funny feeling it would end up in the sale. I was right and I nabbed it for 2/3rd of the price! It's hard to believe this is from Primark, it is such a high quality piece. It has a faux-suede feel to it with a distressed metallic colouring. I thought it would be a lot more difficult to style than it actually is, it weirdly goes with so much, especially my work wardrobe. It definitely needs to warm up so I can get a bit more wear out of this one, for now I'll have to stick to my giant furry Muppet coat.

Finally I got a little bit check happy over at Missguided. In the sale I picked up this amazing cropped mustard checkered shirt that is a doppelgänger for a Dr.Martens shirt I've had my eye on for a while. The shirt is really high quality and I love the tortoiseshell details on the buttons. I also picked up this chiffon gingham dress. Similarly to the black mesh t-shirt, the dress is maxi length but splits up the side for a bit of extra detail. As the weather is still chilly I plan on wearing this with a long sleeved mesh t-shirt underneath but I can't wait to sling this on with a denim jacket once it starts to warm up a bit!

And that's everything I picked up this month. I can't wait to wear all of my new bits and it feels like ages since I've been shopping so was nice to treat myself again. I love this time of year for clothes as we start to see all the S/S stuff trickle into store. I'm going to have to get used to this getting paid once a month malarky but am sure I will still be able to have enough left over for a little shop once a month! Thanks for reading <3