Month in Review - January

The month of January is finally over, and for a month that for me usually ends up being an extended hangover of Christmas and a nagging anxiety for the theme park season to begin has actually ended up being a rather mad one for me! On my blog this year I thought I'd do a round up of each month and the trials and tribulations each brings me, so I'm kicking things off with my crazy January of 2015.

I started at my new job!

On Christmas Eve 2014 I received a phone call stating that I would start working at Estee Lauder Company for MAC Cosmetics on the 12th January! It was such amazing good news as I'd been aggressively applying for jobs with no luck since October, so for such an amazing opportunity to land itself in my lap is just so amazing! I've spent most of the month finding my feet and shadowing people to get to grips with my job role but its been nothing short of amazing. Having weekends off is something I can easily get used to too!

My car died 

After 5 long years of service my trusty Ford Ka packed up last week. It was only the battery that decided to die on me but I'd always said that once one major thing goes I'll get rid of it and get myself something new. I'm looking at one of the cute pastel Fiat 500s so that should be something to look forwards to in February. It really is the end of an era though, the Ka took me all over the UK on so many adventures, clocking up just under 120,000 miles on the clock, so she definitely had a good run!

I saw ALL of the films!

Since starting work in the city I've really made use of my Cineworld card, seeing as least two movies a week for the whole of January (beats standing in the rush hour crush!) It's the best time to whore the cinema anyway as all of the Oscar nominees are currently showing. I've made it another goal of mine to review every film I see this year as last year I managed something really rubbish like 2 reviews! Definitely a poor show given that I have a degree in Film! Read my latest review for Into the Woods here.

I laid my lovely nanny to rest

Sadly, a few days before Christmas my lovely great-grandmother passed away. She was still married to my great-grandfather at the time and they were one of the longest married couples in the UK at 73 years, which is amazing! I am really sad to see her go but am happy she isn't suffering anymore and am proud that she had such a fantastic life.

I booked the trip of a lifetime

Japan has been on the cards for me and my friends since around 2012, and finally 2015 is the year I finally get to visit the land of the rising sun! I can't wait to experience Japanese culture first hand, everything from the gorgeous temples to a ridiculous sounding robot disco, all whilst visiting the country's top theme parks including Tokyo Disneyland! I am so ridiculously excited and it still doesn't seem at all real that I'm actually finally going.

My best friend got engaged

My best friend Ashley surprised me this weekend by announcing that her Mr had finally done the deed and put a ring on it! We had a lovely brunch at The Breakfast Club, with champagne cocktails of course, to celebrate the momentous occasion. I am so proud and couldn't wish this to happen to two more amazing people. And now the hen party planning can get underway, I have some interesting ideas already ;]

What a way to kick off the year! Loads of highs, some lows but all round its been a good month and I've definitely started as I mean to go on. Bring it 2015!