Fabulous Fiat 500

A few weeks ago the Ford Ka, who I'd had for coming on 5 years, finally gave up. It did really well considering it had sounded like it was threatening to die for at least 3 of those, but she kept chugging along! When it came to choosing a new car I knew exactly what I'd wanted. I'm not one for spec really, I tend to just choose what I think is cute, and I love the Fiat 500! Ideally I had wanted one of the pastel ones, but I couldn't decide on a colour so we went with the versatile black.

It's so cute and so good to have a car where everything works. I have heating! A window that takes seconds to clear and doesn't fog up if more than 2 people are in the car! Blutooth! I'm still trying to get to grips with the more complex gadgets such as the latter but am loving how easy it is to drive and how comfortable it is.

I love the checkered interior against the cream leather, it's really luxurious looking without being over the top and totally affordable. I'm preparing to put a few 1000 miles on the clock with her this season, first stop, Cornwall!