Eggciting Easter Picks

Easter is slowly but surely creeping up upon us and with that the shops are inundated with Easter themed goodies. The corporations tend to amalgamate the celebration of Easter with all things spring related so alongside chocolate eggs we also get a ton of flower and bunny related items too, which is always good in my books being the self-confessed crazy bunny lady that I am! So whilst I try to make the most of this most treasured time of year between Christmas and Easter when Cadbury's Mini Eggs are in our shops I've put together some Spring based picks with an Eastery theme!

Metal Easter Egg - Tiger, £1
When it comes to holiday themed tat, Tiger is my go-to place for cute yet affordable knick knacks! This year I've fallen in love with these gorgeous pastel metal egg tins with cute little minimalistic bird designs on the front. They're amazing for an alternative Easter gift instead of a chocolate egg and are subtle enough in their theme that you can keep it on your desk all year round as a little keepsake box.

Bunny Stapler
- Mustard, £10
I love me some quirky stationary, and now that I've got an office job I have even more of an excuse to stock up on unnecessary yet totally adorable desk accessories. The bunny stapler is so cute and again subtle enough that it won't look completely wacky in the office. It's slightly pricey at a tenner for a staple, but I guess it also doubles as an ornament too!

Glitter Fried Egg Clutch Handbag - Luna On The Moon, £70
Because let's face it, who doesn't need a glittery fried egg shaped handbag? I'm absolutely loving the sudden trend for novelty handbags and whilst New Look have definitely cornered this market on the high street, fab online boutique Luna On The Moon truly brings the weird with her eye-catching and delightful oddities. I got the Glitter Eye Clutch Handbag for Christmas and the craftwomanship is exquisite and I ALWAYS get compliments on it. The price is a little high for me to splurge on myself but given the quality and couture-like style of the bags Luna On The Moon's creations are always top of my wishlist when it comes to gifts!

Rachel Floral Bunny Ears (Pastel) - Crown and Glory, £25
Just looking at these makes me think of picnics in the park and the smell of fresh cut grass. As much as Autumn is definitely my favourite I do have a certain fondness for the first few days of Springtime! I enjoy a bit of headwear in the sunnier months, but can obviously only save them for days when I'm not at theme parks. These bunny ears are toned down enough to be a step away from Mean Girls style fancy dress and have that floral detail that gives a unique twist on the festival favourite flower crown. A nice bit of something different to add a touch of quirkiness to a Springtime outfit.

T-Shirt Smock Dress in Egg Print - The White Pepper, £55
I didn't know I needed an egg print dress until I came across this, but now I suddenly feel like I really do need an egg print dress. I love a print on black and the fried egg pattern gives it that touch of kookiness that I love in my wardrobe. I'm also a big fan of the smock style cut in my dresses as the warmer months approach to allow myself some breathing space. A little bit on the pricier side at £55 but an investment as I can see myself wearing this pretty much until October shows its beautiful face again.

Grey Hare Lamp - Abigail Ahern, £85
I have become a bit obsessed with Abigail Ahern's home accessories of late. Everything she designs is just perfect! A wacky mix of velvet, a ludicrous colour palette and faux taxidermy, I feel any Abigain Ahern piece would be an instant focal point in any room, and an interesting conversation starter at dinner parties! The fuchsia of the lampshade and the velvet material of the hare itself combined with the practicality of the lamp and the realistic style of the animal give this piece the perfect balance between stylish and obscene, which is kind of how I would like to describe myself!

Lush Easter Range - Lush, £2.50-£19.95
This is the top of my list for when payday rolls around. I'm running low on bath goodies as I've finally used the last of the Christmas bits and am rationing out what remains of the Valentine's Day bombs. As always, Lush have hit the mark with their Easter themed bath treats with their new for 2015 product being Hoppity Poppity, a popping candy infested violet and lavender bath bomb in the shape of a bun! Can't wait to try out this new one along with some old favourites from last year.

I am practically foaming at the mouth for payday to arrive so I can splash out on some Easter themed treats! I've never had a paid monthly job before so having to get used to waiting so long to be able to buy things is absolute torture, but the bunny and egg themed products will be mine soon enough. Have a 'hoppy' Easter (sorry) and make the most of your long weekend, I'll be spending mine in Germany doing what I do best, hopefully rocking a certain fried egg printed dress....