Month in Review - February

February has been short and sweet, although still rather agonising as I’ve spent this month eagerly booking lots more trips for the year in anticipation of the official start of the season in March. However the month hasn’t been without its highlights!

I got a new car

Although ideally I would have picked on of the new pastel colours, we eventually settled on a lovely black Fiat 500 with an awesome checkerboard and cream leather interior. I am so sad to see my wee nippy Ford Ka go but the Fiat 500 is such a cute and stylish little car. And I’m having to adjust to brakes that seem to work with even the most featherlight of touches!

I discovered an amazing new restaurant

I had heard a lot about La Bodega Negra, mostly about its unusual sex shop facade, but never about how amazing the food and drink is! I visited with a close friend this month and have basically told everybody that they must visit and eat here, the food is insane Mexican cuisine as well as the restaurant itself having a cool and quirky vibe. I loved it and will definitely be visiting again soon!

I was spoiled rotten

Conor and I decided to do a mini-break to Edinburgh for some Scottish culture and I finally go to visit Edinburgh Zoo to see Yang Guang and Tian Tian the Giant Pandas. Conor also surprised me with the ridiculously extravagant gift of a Vivienne Westwood watch that I still can’t get over the fact that I own.

I worked London Fashion Week

In yet another surreal turn of my new job, I got to work London Fashion Week. So much work goes into making the event run smoothly (or at least appear to run smoothly) and MAC support all of the biggest shows of the season, so all eyes are pretty much on us! Its fair to say that everybody was absolutely wiped by the end of it but we got a ton of free stuff and a 3 course meal and champagne at Cafe Royal as a reward at the end of it, so it wasn’t all bad. I had such an amazing time working with make-up artists from all over the world; an incredible week with even more incredible people.

I sat in the Iron Throne

On one of our usual excursions to the cinema Conor and I realised that the Game of Thrones exhibition was happening in the o2. He’s very good at blagging stuff for free so we went to see if we could wrangle anything but unfortunately it was fully book. We went up the free section in which there was an Iron Throne to pose in and Throne-e-oke (literally stood in front of a screen going dun-dun-duh-duh-dun-dun to the tune of the theme music) which was fairly fab, On our way out the amazing people at Sky Atlantic surprised us with some free tickets so we ended up doing the full exhibit anyway, including a surreal virtual reality experience on The Wall.

We said goodbye to Parks and Recreation

I was not prepared for this in any way. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a bunch of fictional characters as I have with those from the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee. I adore these characters so much, every episode is a knockout and, whilst sad, it is always great to see an excellent TV show end with a bang as opposed to fading out into irrelevance (I’m looking at you, The Simpsons!).

I visited The Art of The Brick in Shoreditch

Conor had noticed a lot of adverts for this exhibit around the Underground so I got him tickets for it for Valentine’s Day (I was grossly out-gifted on that one haha!). The exhibit was really unique, but I did feel that in some places it took itself too seriously. Lego is a toy and as such using it to recreate high art brings a level of tongue-in-cheek that I feel the artist should embrace as opposed to trying to convince the exhibit-goer that these sculptures are high art themselves. However the last room in the exhibit was my absolute favourite, it featured a series of hyper-realistic images of suburban settings where certain items, such as a towel in a swimming pool changing room, have been replaced by lego-sculptures of the things. It was really cool and an awesome take on a modern art perspective.

So a pretty chilled out month for me mostly. I’ve spent a lot of time planning my upcoming trips and soaking up my precious weekends off exploring London and continuing visiting the cinema as much as possible. I’m positively foaming at the mouth for the UK theme park season to officially begin so I can start reviewing parks again!