A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - OOTD

Time for something a bit different from me. I'm waiting on my new camera to arrive before I do more of these but I've decided to upload an outfit of the day post. I don't pretend to be any kind of fashionista or trend setter, not by a long shot, but you know when you have one of those day where you just really like what you're wearing? I had one of those when I went to Edinburgh Zoo so we took some snaps with the iPad that I thought I'd share with you here. So here we go!

I saw this gorgeous chiffon split side gingham maxi dress on Missguided recently and fell in love. I'm really short (just over 5ft) and have never really been able to do maxi dresses without looking like a fool, but with this recent influx of maxi length with a side slit I feel it's just about right for me to get away with. Although it didn't stop this dress still being slightly too long for me by about 2-3 inches, meaning it has had to be taken up a bit to fit me, even when I wear it with my biggest platform boots! Ahh, short people problems I guess. I teamed the dress with my trusty black BRIT lace up boots from Topshop that have a nice little platformed heel meaning they're mega comfy to wear and walk around in and still look a step up from casual without actually being so.

Because I'm not completely mad, and it is technically still winter, I wore a long sleeved mesh top underneath for an extra layer of warmth (well, as much warmth as mesh can provide) as well as adding a bit of a mix-up in the textures of this outfit too! For accessories I went with my trusty black fedora that I've had for ages that I wear all the time, my faux leather jacket from Primark with a faux sheepskin collar, my amazing pentagram necklace that I stumbled upon in bloody New Look of all places and this wicked furry backpack from She Inside. I love the mixture of fabrics with the black faux leather and fur complimenting each other for a lovely gothy chic. I need to have lots of backpacks as of course I spend a lot of my weekends away visiting theme parks so its always handy to have a few on the go, and it doesn't hurt for them to be a bit stylish too! It's not too big either - with bigger bags I'm always in danger of filling them to the brim with crap, and then they get too heavy and my poor boyfriend ends up carrying them. I don't think faux fur will suit him that much!

So yeah, just a brief look at what I wore that day. It's nice to get good outfit days captured for posterity I think so you can look back at the end of the year at your looks. Well that's what I plan to do this year anyway!

Dress - Missguided
Mesh top - eBay
Boots - Topshop
Jacket (similar) - Missguided
Hat (similar) - Boohoo
Backpack - SheInside (discontinued)
Necklace - New Look (discontinued)