Month in Review - May

I know it’s clichéd to say it, but this year is going scarily fast, only 3 months until I jet off to Japan! May was a weird month for me, it felt a bit like starting over fresh with a few things but celebrating some achievements too, so here’s what I got up to in the month of May!

Celebrated Conor’s Birthday

He’s old and getting older, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get a Buzz Lightyear Tsum Tsum and an R2D2 suitcase for his birthday right? I’ll admit it, it is quite cool but at the same time I do try to keep a few steps behind when he has it with him so nobody thinks we’re actually associated with each other ;D. We also went to an unlimited BBQ night that we were invited to by Hard Rock, including free alcohol woo!

Went to see a show

Finally got around to seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and it was excellent. I couldn’t quite work out how they were going to translate this to the stage but they did it perfectly and the staging and sets are incredible, some real wow moments! With that one ticked off I think I’ve finally ran out of ‘must-see’ West End shows so I’ll need some recommendations.

Went exploring on the South Coast

Considering I lived there for such a long time I never really saw a lot of it, so the first Bank Holiday weekend in May was spent mooching around Winchester and Weymouth and picking up a few creds along the way. And ice cream.

Night out in Blackpool
After our fab day with CoasterForce at Blackpool Pleasure Beach a few of us headed out for a cheesy night in Blackpool. This involved the fab new Wetherspoons called Velvet Coaster, full of loads of old vintagey memorabilia and photographs of old times at the seaside and where I bumped into the world’s politest stag do! We ended up at a tragic karaoke bar doing a but of organised dancing and singing out of tune. It was hilarious and tacky, as a night in Blackpool should be.


Last weekend saw the Eurovision finals take place in Vienna, and what was possibly the least entertaining final yet. Where was the weirdness? The ridiculous stunts? Obscene amounts of costume changes? Nah. Let’s hope Sweden bring it back next year. We celebrated with a buffet themed to all the countries competing <3

2 year anniversary!
Conor and I celebrated 2 years together on Friday, and be celebrated I mean we did what we do every weekend and went to the cinema and got some food XD. It kind of crept up on us and because we’d been so busy in May we didn’t really have time to organise anything. Oh well, we’re going to France in a couple of weeks so hopefully that’ll make up for it.

So May was a hugely busy one for me, probably because there were two bank holiday weekends of shenanigans to get through! June is full of birthdays and anniversaries in my house so lots more celebrating to do next month as well as jetting off to Ireland and France for a few days. All I need now is for the weather to get a grip and my summer will be in full swing!