Phantastic Taron Update

Phantasialand make my Friday this week when they finally ‘revealed’ the trains for the much anticipated Taron. Revealed in inverted commas, it’s more of a tease in that we can see the front of the train and, can king of…sort of…maybe see the restraints, but that little glimpse was all I needed to have me squeeing at my computer screen!

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Those who know me know I fucking ADORE Phantasialand. It’s the perfect blend of mysterious and whimsical theming without being too heavy on the cheese or magic. Oh, and every single ride is amazing and does a thing you don’t expect it to do. Seriously, just…here, have a link and just book yourself a weekend away there, I promise you won’t regret it!

I went off on a tangent there a bit didn’t I…*AHEM* Phantasialand is awesome and this new train design is just continuing to build my anticipation for this coaster. So, 2 things then. Firstly theming of the train. It looks to me like a tribal battle helmet – you know where warriors would adorn themselves with images of fierce beasts to make themselves look more intimidating? So I guess I’m saying I don’t think the train is meant to physically BE a creature of some kind, but rather it’s some king of armour (for rock-smashing no doubt).

Secondly, this image pretty much confirms no OTSRs!! Oh hell yes. Honestly, in 2016 it’s kind of surprising to me that any coaster uses OTSRs anymore, least of all ones with a layout such as Taron’s. One reason Skyrush is my most favouritist coaster in the world was because of how liberating a ride the restraints provided, it really changed the way I rode coasters forever! We’re already expecting a whole bunch of airtime from what we’ve seen of the layout so far and accompanied with lapbars I’m expecting a similar ride to the one Skyrush gives, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally have something like that this side of the pond!

I’ll finish this with some more Taron porn. JUST LOOK AT IT IN ALL ITS GLORY! Bring on October…